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The Good, The Bad & The Unknown: Arizona

Washington suffered one of their most-frustrating losses in my lifetime.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Dwayne Washington - Washington's inability to impress early in 2014 was one of my biggest disappointments for the Washington offense this year, but he finally looked like the back that I imagined he could be. Maybe he had been banged up earlier in the season, but he looked like a big back that can hit the hole with speed, break tackles and could actually be the Huskies' back of the future.

Offensive line - The other part of the run game. The offensive line had their best game of the year against a small Arizona front and was solid in pass protection. The Huskies will have great chance at winning the rest of the games on their schedule if the big guys can maintain this level of play.

Cyler Miles running - Miles had the best game a Husky quarterback has had running the ball since Jake Locker was around. He didn't put up a ton of yards, but he was decisive and regularly got the most of what was available on the play. I believe that his running game helped open up things for Washington and the passing game a bit.

Receivers & tight ends - It is a testament to how poorly this unit has played this season, but Saturday was probably the most impressed I have been this season with these guys. Getting Kasen Williams going again was a great sign, Joshua Perkins had an excellent game, Jaydon Mickens had a couple big plays (even if he fumbled at the end of one) and Michael Hartvigson almost got a touchdown.

Time of possession - Amazing what a running game can do for keeping the ball in your hands. The Huskies were able to control the game and limit Arizona's offense's chances by simply keeping the ball away from them.

Third down - This one slipped by during the game, but looking at the box score, the Huskies success on offense and defense on third down was a huge breath of fresh air since they seemingly have been slaughtered on the down on both sides most of the season. 13-22 themselves on offense while holding Arizona to 3-15, you are almost always going to win a game when you are able to do that.

Danny Shelton - That was a hell of a performance by Shelton as he pulverized Arizona's offensive front and it showed on the stat sheet as he had nine tackles, 2.5 for-loss and a sack. He shut down the middle of the field, really throwing a wrench in Arizona's game plan and his ability to help limit Arizona's gains on first down played a huge part in getting the Wildcat offense off the field.

Andrew Hudson - Another fantastic game by a guy who is one of the better stories this season.

Sidney Jones - Jones got burned on a deep pass early and then he didn't let it happen again and got two huge interceptions that were not easy plays to make (and he almost got a third early in the game). His interception in the end zone in the fourth quarter may have been the play of the game and should have sealed the game for the Huskies.

The Bad

Overall... losing to a team that you dominated - No real need to explain this one.

Game management - Much has been made of the fact that the Huskies did not have to run a play when Deontae Cooper fumbled and I don't know how the staff wasn't able to figure this out and/or make sure that Cooper knew that he didn't have to fight for yards and should just go down and hug the ball.

I don't understand why you don't call a timeout with 25-30 seconds with Arizona getting ready for a field goal, especially when a made field goal makes it a one-point game. The Huskies could have had a shot to get a big return from John Ross or even more likely, field a squib and get a couple shots to throw downfield.

Icing the kicker. I know that the popular belief is that supposedly if the kicker misses you look like a genius and you look like a moron if he makes it. Well, I am in the camp that no one remembers if it "works" and if it doesn't and you let the kicker get a warm-up kick, you look like an idiot. Even if I did hear that Petersen told the referees that he was calling a time out so no warm-up kick.

Penalties - Strange officiating in the game, but more on that later. Regardless, there is no excuse for 13 penalties for 111 yards, especially when you are supposed to be hanging your hat on discipline and attention to detail. An holy s***, why the hell is it impossible to not have a kick or punt return without a penalty?

Fumbles - I don't know why it seems like the ball is greased when the Huskies have it these days. They fumbled the ball an astounding six times (they luckily got half of them back) with all of them being excruciatingly painful. Miles' first was unforced and cost the Huskies at least a short field goal attempt, Miles' second was unnecessary considering the circumstances and basically gave Arizona a touchdown and we all know how Cooper's played out. I'm not even getting into the ones that they luckily got back.

Along with this, what the hell is up with the snaps from center?

Kicking game - Not going to knock Cameron Van Winkle too much for missing a 43-yarder, but Arizona's walk-on kicker knocked down a 47-yarder under massive pressure and it ended up being the difference. Giving up a touchdown run to a kicker on a complete failure on a fake field goal is embarrassing and I am blaming botching the extra point on initially lining up in that stupid ass Oregon formation (That thing might be my most hated thing in college football and I hate a lot of things in college football).

Hau'oli Kikaha stuck in coverage - Kikaha seemed to be getting pressure as he always does early, but Arizona quickly seemed to find a way to perpetually having him in coverage which make him about a million times less valuable and the Huskies never seemed to find a way to adjust and get him back chasing Anu Solomon.

The Unknown

Referees? 13 to two penalties? Not saying something was up, but it is hard to see that stat and not be concerned. Things were called pretty tight on the Huskies, especially on holding calls (Since when do refs call holding calls on the edge on running plays? If they called the holds that way in Oregon games consistently, they would average about 24 points per-game). I was pretty unimpressed with how the crew handled key calls on the field in the final moments as well. When did the whistle blow on Cooper's fumble and how do you call the overturned Arizona touchdown catch on their final drive a touchdown on the field?

Resolve? I have been impressed with how the Huskies have bounced back after starting slowly in games. Now can they show some serious resolve after the most frustrating game the program has experienced since the 2012 Apple Cup?

Win out? There has been talk about the Huskies winning out since after the Oregon game, but we have now reached the point that it should be realistically expected. Oregon State and Washington State showed massive improvement in their most-recent games, but are both teams Washington should be expected to beat at this point and the Huskies' likely bowl destination is somewhere like the Cactus Bowl at best where they could seriously play a program like Texas State or Central Michigan.