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Husky Game Awards: Arizona Edition

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Sidney Jones and Dwayne Washington had big games and we had several Kasen Williams sightings, but the Dawgs couldn't hang on to the ball.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Player of the Game: Sidney Jones. He got beat early on a deep throw down the sideline, but recovered to have a two interception game -- and both were catches that a wide receiver would be proud of. He rebounded and was a big piece of the pass defense that frustrated Anu Solomon for much of the afternoon.

Play of the Game: Dwayne Washington's 66 yard touchdown run. It put the Huskies up 17-7, and was just a wonderfully run and blocked play. Number 12 showed that UW can get some explosiveness out of the running back position without Shaq Thompson there.

Stat of the Game: 5. The number of catches Kasen Williams had. He showed that he's capable of contributing, if the coaches will allow him to get on the field.

Who Stepped Up: Dwayne Washington. His 19 carries for 148 yards and 2 TDs was the best performance by a UW running back this season. Kind of makes you wonder why the other two backs were given 24 carries (which netted just 69 yards).

The Game Tipped When: Deontae Cooper fumbled with about a minute left.

It Was Over When: The clock expired as an Arizona field goal floated through the uprights.

Surprise of the Game: It was shocking how UW -- a team that had been pretty sound in terms of taking care of the football all season -- was treating the pigskin like a greased ham. Snaps were off all game, the ball was put on the ground in key situations, and an extra point was botched due to a snap that was never cleared for takeoff. A lot of points were left on the field because of an inability to take care of the ball.