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How to Watch Washington at Arizona: Game Preview, Game Time, TV Schedule, Live Streaming, Game Odds and More

It's another dreaded trip to the desert ... and if you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself a lucky Husky Fan. If you want to find out everything you need to know about the Arizona Wildcats vs. UW Huskies Live stream, or anything else related to this week's Husky football game, stay a while. Who knows, maybe you'll find the next winning superball numbers ...

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Where: Arizona Stad-ium, Tuscon, Arizona

When: Saturday, November 15, 2014
12:30 p.m. Pacific Time

TV Schedule: Fox, with Gus Johnson (play-by-play),
Charles Davis (color) and Molly McGrath with the Commentary

Radio: KOMO AM-1000/FM-97.7; Sirius 84; XM 84

Game-Week Previews: Our Arizona Previews; and their Previews for the game
(Just about everything you'll need to read before you catch the game.)

How to Watch and Listen to the Huskies: Audio Stream - TuneIn; Online Video Stream - Fox Sports Go
If you want to know what channel to catch it on your TV, go here
and check out the relevant fox affiliate in your state!


The Huskies have the advantage in this series, leading it 19-10-1. Coming off what was a very common trend last season, the Huskies pulled away from the Wildcats on the back of Bishop Sankey. He carried the rock 40 times that game, and rushed for 160 yards. The defense held up remarkably well, though they were definitely helped out by the less than stellar weather.

The last time the Huskies beat Arizona, in Tuscon, was back in 2006, when they won 21-10. Since 2005, when the Huskies travel to Arizona, to play either the Wildcats or the Sun Devil ... since apparently it doesn't matter, the Huskies are averaging just over 18 points per game, while the locals are averaging just under 40 points per game. Even with the win over Arizona in 2006 taken into account, the Huskies are losing, on average, by over 21 points per game when it's down south ...

That needs to change.


This is the tale of 2 teams, at least on offense: (1) pre-Oregon and (2) post-Oregon.

6.79 - The Wildcat's yards per play through the Oregon game.

4.97 - The Wildcat's yards per play after the Oregon game.

5.11 - Arizona's average yards per rushing attempt through the Oregon game.

3.93 - Arizona's average yards per rushing attempt after the Oregon game.

8.72 - The WIldcat's average yards per passing attempt through the Oregon game.

5.6 - The Wildcat's average yards per passing attempt after the Oregon game.

224 - Arizona's average rushing yards per game through the Oregon game.

151 - Arizona's average rushing yards per game after the Oregon game.

350 - Arizona's average passing yards per game through the Oregon game.

269 - Arizona's average passing yards per game after the Oregon game.

574 - The number of yards the Wildcats averaged per game through the Oregon Game.

419 - The number of yards the WIldcats averaged per game after the Oregon Game.

What They're Saying

Unfortunately, basketball season has officially started. As a result, I was unable to find a single fan forum that wanted to discuss Arizona football ... and I'm being mostly serious about it. Here is the one discussion I found, after searching for about 15 minutes, courtesy of the Wildcat Sports Report:

I see Arizona putting a more complete game together, avenging last year's loss to the Huskies, and being more efficient on offense:

Arizona 52-28

UW has a massive DL and some very good LBs. I really hope we pull the OG again because blocking that DL straight up is iffy at best. They might have 3 NFL type guys on that line. Imho we should throw more on first down, get a little more unpredictable.

As important as Arizona's own ground game is, stopping UW from piling up rush yards and slowing the game down is more critical in my opinion. Arizona does need to run the football Saturday, but denying the Huskies the ability to run the ball is huge.

Specifically Miles. If Thompson has a decent day, OK. But if he AND Miles put us on our heels, we'll be in trouble.

Honestly, the apathy that the Arizona football team gets hit with is silly sometimes.

Questions Needing Answers


Can we see some pass protection please? If running up the middle works, will we keep running the ball up the middle? What will Cyler Miles' completion percentage on his passes in the 10-20 yard range be? Is Mr. Coleman healthy enough to start? What about Ben Riva? Dexter Charles?


What will our pass-rush look like? Can Danny Shelton continue his dominance? How in the crap does he end up on so many tackles? At his size? Will the secondary step up?


Can we get over this stupid desert curse? It makes me gag ... When will the injury bug stop biting this team? What will RichRod say next?


This game looks ominous for the Huskies. Luckily for them Arizona's offense has progressively gotten worse since the Oregon game. Their defense, on the other hand, other than the aweful day they had against UCLA, has been solid throughout the year. If the Huskies fall behind, they probably won't have enough steam to come back. Hopefully they can jump out to an early lead and then just bide their time until the game is over ... we'll see, won't we?

More Info

Gameday Dots
  • This is a nice summary on Petersen's year this far from the UW Daily.
  • Here's three keys to an Arizona victory tomorrow.

Vegas Odds

Courtesy of VegasInsider, the Huskies 10 point underdogs this week. The over/under sitting right around 60. The Huskies failed to cover the spread once again last week, and now their record sits at 4-6.


Come on over to the game thread to have a little bit of jovial banter, to put it nicely, with fellow Dawg fans, and the occasional troll, or New Mexico State Aggies fan .... You'll be happy you did, so long as every single play goes exactly right. Otherwise, feel free to jump in and add to the communal vitriol. It opens up a half hour or so before kickoff.