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How to Watch Washington at Oregon: Game Preview, Game Time, TV Schedule, Live Streaming, Game Odds and More

Ah ... Duck week. I have come to loathe this week ... If you want to find out everything you need to know about the Oregon Ducks vs. UW Huskies Live stream, or anything else related to this week's Husky football game, then this is the page for you!

Otto Greule Jr

Where: Autzen Stadium, Eugene, California

When: Saturday, October 18, 2014
5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

TV Schedule: Fox Sports 1, with Joe Davis (play-by-play),
Joey Harrington (color) and Kris Budden (sidelines)

Radio: KOMO AM-1000/FM-97.7; Sirius 139; XM 197

Game-Week Previews: Oregon Preview Stream
(Everything you'll need to see before you catch the game.)

How to Watch and Listen to the Huskies: Audio Stream - TuneIn;
Online Video Stream - Fox Sports Go (if you want to know what channel Fox Sports 1
is with your current television provider, go to this website, type in your zip
code and your provider and it will spit out the channel number.)


10 years ... 10 years is a long time. It's one third of my short life; people use 10 years to measure generations, music, movies ... you name it (being a child of the 90s, I'm still trying to figure out something significant that came out of my decade ...). In case you were wondering, 10 years is the length of time it's been since the Huskies last beat the Ducks, and it really sucks.

Even though the Huskies own this series 58-43-5, it feels like an empty lead. Every year I get pumped with optimism (some of you call this purple koolaid), and every year I get the same letdown ... I'm sick of losing, and it gets worse every year. But hey, at least we have a national championship to our name, right husky fans? At least we can find some solace in numbers ... or can we?


-1 - The number of yards the Husky D is giving up on third down when the opposing offense decides to rush the ball

0 - The number of interceptions Oregon and Washington have thrown so far this season

2 - The number of yards the Ducks average when they rush on third down

5 - The number of yards the Duck D gives up when opposing offenses rush on first down

6 - The number of yards the Husky D gives up when opposing offenses pass on third down

8.3 - The number of yards the Ducks average per passing attempt on third down

18.5 - The percentage of time the Ducks are forced into third and anything

20 - The percentage of time the Husky D can force teams into third down

63 - The percentage of time the Husky D stops opposing offenses on third down when they pass the ball

63.4 - The opposing QB percentage when a team plays against Oregon's D

72 - The percentage of the time the Husky D stops opposing teams when they run the ball on third down

4003 - The number of days it's been since the Huskies beat the Ducks

What They're Saying

No insults intended; this is really just some game week fun ... so have a laugh. These quotes were removed from any relevant context that would give them any logical sense .... These quotes are brought to you courtesy of Addicted to Quack:

On whether the Oregon/Washington game is a rivalry:

Tell Oregon and Washington fans that this isn't a rivalry and they'll think you're the one that's in a coma.

If this isn’t a rivalry then why do I always make sure to have a few grand saved every year to post bail in the event that #$&^ gets too turnt up? So far, so good.

On who's passing motion is worse ... Miles or Tebow:

Miles, not even close.

Questions Needing Answers


Will the offense, at a minimum, stay at the same level it was at last week? Will we please see some jump balls thrown to Kasen Williams? How many running backs will have over 100 yards this week?


Who is going to spy on Mariota? Which player in the secondary is going to record Mariota's first pick? What about his second one? What will the sack total be?


Will this winning streak end already? How many duck fans does it take to screw in a light bulb? Will there be silence in Eugene for the second time this season?


i can't begin to express how badly I want the Huskies to win this game. Though the Huskies have lost 10 in a row, it's been almost 11 years since we've beaten them pesky ducks. The pain needs to stop ... yesterday. Unfortunately, it's still duck week. Let's finish this week on a great note (and that doesn't mean losing by less than 17 points ...)

More Info

Gameday Dots
Vegas Odds

These are courtesy of VegasInsider. Oregon is favored by 20 and a half points, but the O/U is only 65 points, five less than the game against Cal. The Huskies have had a great 2 weeks against the spread, and they are now batting .500.


Come on over to the game thread to have a little bit of jovial banter with fellow Dawg fans, and the occasional troll, or New Mexico State Aggies fan .... You'll be happy you did. It opens up a half hour or so before kickoff.