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Washington Huskies at California Golden Bears Fourth Quarter Update - UW Wins 31-7

Washington opened the quarter with a punt that backed Cal up to their own 15 yard line.

Cal fumbled the ball after Budda Baker and Travis Feeney combined to knock it free, and John Timu recovered it.

UW lost their mind, running a reverse and the a pass to lose a ton of yardage and almost move out of field goal range. On 4th and 19 Cameron Van Winkle drilled a 42 yard field goal to take a 31-7 lead.

Kickoff out of bounds gave Cal good starting field position but short on time. Bryce Treggs took a pass 16 yards out to midfield, but a few plays later Cal was whistled for tripping -- a 15 yard penalty -- which put them into a 3rd and 18. A Cal punt was fair caught by Dante Pettis at the UW 13 yard line.

John Ross electrified us all zigging and zagging and running into his own guys. A BS call on Joshua Perkins -- a perfectly clean and legal block for which he was ejected -- brought the play back because LOLPac12Refs. Korey Durkee punted back to Cal.

Cal turned the ball over on downs after a pass to Treggs was caught out of bounds.

The Huskies were flagged for a chop block, and ran some clock and forced Cal to take a timeout before they punted the ball back.

Cal drove down the field on UW's second and third stringers, but were stopped on 4th and goal at the one yard line, and the Huskies took over needing only to kill the clock.