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Washington Huskies at California Golden Bears Third Quarter Update - UW Leads 28-7

Despite starting their drive with a false start, the Huskies moved the chains on the back of a nice throw from Cyler Miles over the middle to Jaydon Mickens. After a holding penalty, John Ross made everybody hold their breath as he picked up 17 yards, and the Dawgs converted out of the bad situation on an option a play later. After being sharp for this drive, Miles took a big sack for a 12 yard loss. A completion to Ross got the Huskies into field goal range, but Cameron Van Winkle's kick was blocked.

Jared Goff threw a first down pass out of bounds, and Cal ran for a couple of yards, but on 3rd down the bears hit a throw on the Husky secondary as they struggled with substituting players and were not ready to play. Andrew Hudson poked the ball away from Goff on a sack for a 12 yard loss to force a 3rd and 16, but Marcus Peters was flagged for PI (questionably) to bail out the Bears. The Huskies forced Cal into a 4th and 1, but couldn't stop an off tackle run as Cal moved down to the UW 38. The Bears ultimately put together a 20 play drive en route to their first score of the game to close the Husky lead back down to 3 scores at 28-7.

The Huskies went back to their ground game and moved the ball out to the Cal 45 yard line and a 4th and 1 when the quarter ended.