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Top 13 of 2013 - #13: Travis Coons

The senior kicker for the Huskies was one of the best kickers in the conference, and the country.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being saddled with perhaps the worst special teams coach in the country, Travis Coons overcame the adversity and was a key component for the Huskies all season.

After some key misses down the stretch in 2012 -- including misses against Washington State and Boise State, which were decided by a total of 5 points -- there were questions about Coons coming into this season. Being asked to kick, punt, and kickoff seemed to fatigue him and wear him down a touch at the end of the year. With Korey Durkee coming back and Cameron Van Winkle coming into the program it looked as if there would be some aid in the kicking game and that Coons was not going to be stretched so thin.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Neither of the other kickers contributed much at all, leaving Coons to once again run triple duty. Yet this season was different; Coons did not wear down. He didn't seem to show any signs of fatigue at all. Rather, he was consistent from game one all the way through game 13. He finished the year 15/16 on field goals, including 6/7 from 42 yards or longer. His lone miss was blocked.

It's a real mystery how Coons was left off of the All Conference team: the guys who finished above him were 25/30 (with only two attempts from longer than 40 yards) and 17/20. There is no doubt that Coons was the most consistent kicker in the conference this year, and among the best in the country.

He also led the team in yards per carry, with 15.5. Bishop who?

Coons quietly had one of the best seasons kicking in the history of UW football, and will be difficult to replace in 2014.