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Top 13 of 2013 - #11: The Recruiting Class

The final class that Steve Sarkisian and his assistants brought in paid immediate dividends, but the new coaching staff will be the true beneficiaries of one of the nations' top 2013 recruiting classes.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Sarkisian recruited consistently well throughout his time at UW, but the 2013 class may be remembered as his best group. Gaining steam early with the "St. Tosh's Day Massacre" in which a ton of players committed together at the Ram restaurant (though most of those commitments fell by the wayside), the class rode that momentum all the way through February, picking up bits and pieces along the way.

The class featured eight four star players and quality prospects at every position across the board, finishing as the #13 overall class in's rankings and trailing only UCLA in the Pac-12.

Where this class really stood out was at WR. Bringing in three of the nation's top high school pass catchers netted the Huskies what could have been the top recruiting class in the country for that position, and the returns were immediate. John Ross contributed from day one and flashed explosiveness all season, culminating in a short pass he turned up the sideline for a long TD against Idaho State and a kickoff return touchdown against BYU. Damore'ea Stringfellow also showed his talent with an 8 catch 147 yard 1 TD performance against UCLA. Darrell Daniels' future is in flux right now, having been moved around a bit by the old staff, but there's no doubt that he has the potential to make an impact somewhere in the future.

The class also loaded up on the defensive line, with two four stars in Elijah Qualls and Joe Mathis to go with Marcus Farria. The defensive line was a point of emphasis in this class, and they got three players who look like they'll be a key part in taking the program to the next level.

In the secondary, Jermaine Kelly was without a doubt the gem there, but Trevor Walker and Kevin King came in and were heavy contributors all season with King starting when Will Shamburger went down. These two safeties look to be the favorites to be the starters for the next three years of their careers at UW. Kelly, meanwhile, earned honors for his play on the scout team and may become a starter as well.

They nabbed a potential star at QB in Troy Williams. A four star player at RB (a need position) in Lavon Coleman. A handful of linebackers to eventually step in an replace the current group of stars when they graduate. A TE to compete to take over after ASJ's departure. A few offensive linemen who'll have the chance to redshirt and sit for a couple years before jumping into the fray.

It's still early, but this group looks like it's going to be the rock upon which some really good Husky football teams will be built.