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Dot...Dot...Dawg (1/20)

Romar looks to right the ship, the football recruiting class continues to take shape and Husky alums in the professional ranks continue to make headlines.

IT continues to prove that his detractors don't know what the hell they're talking about.
IT continues to prove that his detractors don't know what the hell they're talking about.
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Hangin' round, downtown by myself /
And I had so much time, to sit and think about myself /
And then there she was /
Like double-cherry pie, yeah there she was.

  • After a hot start in conference play, the men's basketball team crashed down to Earth in an embarrassing 82–56 beatdown at the hands of the California Golden Bears, followed by a 79–67 defeat against the Stanford Cardinal. The Dawgs will look to bounce back on Thursday against the Oregon Ducks, who have dropped four straight after starting the year 13–0.

  • For all of you recruitniks (and we know you're out there), the commitments (and decommitments) are starting to come at a breakneck pace. Will Budda commit to the Dawgs after leaving Oregon at the altar? Who are the big fish left for Petersen and Co. to reel in? Something tells me that more than a few Dawg Pound readers will have to increase the dosage of their blood pressure medications between now and Feb. 5. In the meantime, keep up with the sturm und drang over at our Washington football recruiting page.

  • Adam Jude has spent the last week or so looking forward to the 2014 football season by breaking down the state of each position group as they stand today. So far, he's covered quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and the offensive line.

  • Keith Price and Sean Parker took part in this weekend's East/West Shrine Game, with Price throwing a third-quarter touchdown.

  • Dawg alum Isaiah Thomas has been tearing it up for the Sacramento Kings lately, scoring 26 in a win over the Cavaliers last week and a career-high 38 points in yesterday's losing effort against the Thunder.

  • The Tennessee Titans have a big decision to make regarding Jake Locker's future, as the franchise will owe the quarterback a cool $13 million if they retain him next season. Here's hoping that whatever happens to Jake, he lands on his feet.

  • The 'Dub will follow the lead of its Pac-12 brethren by adding sand volleyball to its list of non-revenue sports this spring.

  • Better Know Your Blog: Chris gives an update on the state of the Pound, along with an idea of where we're trying to take our little community in the future. If you have any advice or criticism for us, believe us: We're the first ones who will want to hear it.

Question of the Day

While the Seahawks have (rightly) absorbed every molecule of interest regarding Seattle sports for the last several weeks, Washington's basketball team is facing a crossroads of the season. Do you think they'll need to take their next game against Oregon in order to put the rest of their year on solid footing?