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Huskies have very off night, fall to Cal Bears 82-56

In a game where nothing could go right for the Huskies, they fell hard to the Bears, dropping them to 3-2 in conference play.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It just wasn't the Huskies game, simple as that. The Huskies missed their first eight three-point attempts until Wilcox hit a three deep on the left wing with seven minutes passed in the second half. Jeff Powers banked an And-1 three. He banked an And-1 three. UW lost 82-56.

The first half featured very little offense for the Huskies outside of the first several minutes. After beginning the game on an 8-2 run, Cal outscored the Huskies 28-7 until Washington had the final basket of the half. Washington shot 24% from the field in the half, and the offense looked just as bad as the stats make it appear. Washington was taking poor shots, and weren't getting open. It was the lowest point total for a half by the Huskies since February of 2011. (@kpelton)

Andrew Andrews had his worst half of the season. Maybe it was just a five-minute stretch that was blown out of proportion, but Andrews was 2-8 with a turnover and some bad, bad defense. 2-8 with a turnover? Bad game. With a lot of the decisions he was making though, it just was ugly to watch.

When the second half began, Washington's offense had worked out some of the kinks. Things weren't working perfectly, but they were working well enough for Washington to close the gap. There was a problem though: the defense held its own in the first half, but fell apart in the second half.

Cal began to rain from deep, including the aforementioned banked And-1 three. Washington just couldn't keep up. The offense began to sputter more and more as the half rolled on, and ten Washington really just gave up. It really seemed like the Huskies just didn't care any more. There were spurts of effort, but the consistent hustle on defense just wasn't there. Except for C.J. Wilcox and Desmond Simmons. Those guys won't quit.

It was great to see, even in the blowout, the senior Wilcox demonstrate his leadership by continuing to do his best in affecting the game. He has served Romar very well in his time as a Dawg, and will be looked upon fondly, even if the most success the team enjoyed during his time here was when he was a freshman coming off the bench.

Jahmel Taylor entered this game with over five minutes left. That is the kind of game it was. Gilles Dierickx scored. That's a pretty big deal too, I guess.

Very late in the game, Cal's Sam Singer fouled Darin Johnson on a fastbreak. Fine, that's okay. But don't try to pump up the crowd when you made not only a dangerous foul, but a pointless one when leading by 25 with a minute left. I couldn't tell who, but a Husky (I think it was Mike Anderson) had to be restrained. Sam Stringer, I have four years to hate you.

I am not going to spend too much time on this because I have a heck of a lot of homework to do and it was just "one of those games" for the Huskies that happens periodically to every team.

Washington's next game is against Stanford on Saturday, the day before the biggest home game in Seahawks history against the 49ers. Seattle vs. California, extending to college hoops.