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PAC 12 Basketball Power Rank

The PAC 12 conference is out to an exciting start. Find out how the Huskies and other teams shake out.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The second week of PAC 12 play was wild and led to a big shakeup in the rankings. For last weeks ranking look here Power Rank. Arizona Stayed unbeaten. Washington beat their first ranked opponent since cold blooded. CU lost one of the best players. Who thought Cal would win 2 in Oregon? What happened to Oregon?

1. Arizona 17-0 (4-0) Arizona is still ranked number 1 in the country and is undefeated. They had a close game with UCLA last week and blew out USC. Next up ASU in their only game of the week. Arizona could bring a championship to the conference.

2. UCLA 13-3 (2-1) UCLA lost last week and still broke into the top 25. All their losses were to a team that has at least been ranked this year. The Bruins travel to the Rocky Mountains this week.

3. Cal 12-4 (3-0) Cal had a great road trip to Oregon last week and is to me a surprise to be undefeated still in conference. They had some questionable non-conference loses but have rebounded nicely.

4. Washington 11-6 (3-1) A big win against CU last Sunday has the Romar doubters quieted. It also looks like in opened the eyes of some recruits. Desmond Simmons' return has helped and this team has learned to play defense. Could this team be the second best team in the conference?

5. CU 14-3 (3-1) After getting blown out by the huskies and losing star Spencer Dinwiddie for the season, it's hard to predict how the Buffs will fair. We get a chance to find out Thursday night as they host UCLA.

6. Oregon 13-3 (1-3) Oregon has lost 3 straight and 2 at home. But the team below them aren't much better either. They should rebound this week against OSU.

7. Stanford 10-5 (1-2) They are only here because they beat Oregon. But they also lost to the Beavers. Having a win over UConn shows the have the ability. This inconsistency must be maddening for the few Cardinal basketball fans.

8. ASU 13-4 (2-2) The Sun Devils are just plugging away in mediocrity beaten bads teams and losing to good ones. Up next a whipping to the Wildcats.

9. Utah 12-4 (1-3) Here is where we start getting into the bad teams. I admittedly thought they were a better team, but they lost in Pullman.

10 Oregon St. 9-7 (1-3) A win over Stanford is the only highlight of there season. Looking to keep Oregon's losing streak this week.

11. WSU 8-8 (1-3) A victory over Utah pulls the cougars out of the basement. But they still cannot score. They are currently 315 in D1.

12 USC 9-7 (0-3) They might not be as bad as WSU but for now they are the only winless team in the conference. They might be able to compete with Utah on Thursday.