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Top 13 of 2013 - #12: The Oregon State Game

A lot was on the line when the Huskies made the trip down I-5, and the Huskies delivered. Boy did they ever deliver.

Steve Dykes

With the Huskies coming off of a loss to UCLA, the season seemed as if it may hinge on the trip to Corvallis. With Keith Price injured and the Husky road woes under Steve Sarkisian well documented, this contest had many UW fans more than a little nervous. Being a night game, the nervousness built all day, and the tension from fans by kickoff was palpable.

Should the Huskies have lost, another seven win season seemed likely. The game was never in doubt after kickoff though.

The Huskies came out with their hair on fire, scoring touchdowns on their first two offensive drives and netting 17 points on their first three. The defense was arguably more impressive, forcing seven punts and two turnovers on Oregon State's first nine drives. The Huskies played as well as a Husky team ever has, and put a whipping on the Beavers.

The Huskies led 48-0 at the half. They ran for a whopping 530 yards, and over 9 yards per carry. Three Huskies (Bishop Sankey, Deontae Cooper and Dwayne Washington) cracked 100 yards. The Husky defense forced four turnovers with three interceptions of Sean Mannion. Shaq Thompson returned one interception for a touchdown. Believe it or not, the 69-27 final score made the game seem closer than it actually was.

If the Huskies turned a corner this year, this was the game when it happened.