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PAC 12 Basketball Power Ranking

With one week of conference play in the books, the UW Dawg Pound checks in with its newest edition of the power rankings.

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Here we are in 2014, The non-conference schedule is complete.  The Dawgs are 1-1 in Conference, Arizona is the top team in the country and CU just beat #10 Oregon.  How do these teams and the rest of the conference stack up?  For a run down of our last Power Ranking check here Dec, 12 Power Ranking.

1. Arizona 15-0 (2-0) Arizona is nearly the unanimous number 1 team in the Country.  Although, Washington just gave them all they could handle at home.  Their other conference win was a 60-25 drubbing of the cougars.  They host UCLA and USC this weekend.

2. Colorado 13-2 (2-0) Those who have read my work for the last couple years know about my man crush on Tad Boyle.  The job he has done at CU is simply amazing.  He will be a hot name in every job opening until he gets a better job.  For now he is basically the mayor Boulder.  Coming off scoring 100 on Oregon they are ranked 15th in the country.  They will be in Seattle Sunday afternoon after what should surely be a whipping of the Cougars tonight.

3. Oregon 13-1 (1-1) Coming off there first loss of the year, a tough road game in Boulder.  Oregon should rebound this week with the Bay area schools coming in.  Oregon is led by two transfer Joseph Young and Mike Moser

4. UCLA 12-2 (1-0) It's really hard to tell how good UCLA is at this point.  Their only real opponent (Duke) beat them by 17.  However, the are 8th in the nation in scoring and will look to outscore Arizona tomorrow night.

5. Utah 12-2 (1-1) This is where the conference rankings start to get muddied.  I put Utah here because the only lost to Oregon by 2 in OT.  After a trip to Seattle tonight hopefully I will drop them next week.  For a full Utah Preview Check out Ben's write up PAC 12 Home Opener.

6. Cal 10-4 (1-0) This is kind of a throw in spot.  I don't know what to think of these guys.  But they beat Stanford on the road and I just cant yet put UW ahead of them.  Expect spots 5-9 to be a moving target all year.

7. Washington 9-6 (1-1) Coming off destroying ASU in Tempe, and a close defeat to the Wildcats, the expectations for Romar's team have certainly improved.  Can they continue the continue the momentum at home this week against Utah and CU.  Two wins could jump this team as high as 4th.  Two losses?  Back to the 9 or 10 spot.

8. Stanford 9-4 (0-1) Stanford lost their conference oper at  home  to Cal.  However, they do hold a victory over Connecticut in Storrs.

9 Arizona St. 12-3 (1-1) The Sun Devils bounced back after their defeat to UW.  But they were just man handled by the huskies.  Jahii Carson and ASU have been up and down all year.  The trend will probably continue through the rest of conference play.

10.  Oregon St.  8-6 (0-2) A close defeat to CU on the road is the only thing keeping them above USC.  And it wasnt an easy decision.  Hosting Cal and Stanford this week gives them some hope to get a early conference victory but Beaver fans shouldn't hold their breath.

11. USC 9-5 (0-1) An early victory of BC gave the Trojans a little hope.  After a 34 point loss to UCLA their hope is to stay out of the cellar.

12 WSU 7-7 (0-2) The cougars scored 7 points in the first half against Arizona and 25 for the game.  Their leading scorer totaled 6 points.  Some other rankings to take notice of: Scoring - 299th, Rebounds - 207th, Assist 291st.

How do my rankings compare to yours?