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Ranking the Remaining Schedule: 1-5

Who is the number one opponent on the schedule? The answer may surprise.

Harry How

Finishing off the countdown of the top games remaining on the Husky football schedule:

5. UCLA - The Dawgs got USC for the last time at their zenith under Lane Kiffin; they were a top ten team with BCS aspirations. They beat the Huskies and since then the slide hasn't stopped. Naturally, the Huskies don't get to play them during that slide and get the seemingly ever improving Bruins. Going to the Rose Bowl for this game is always a dicey proposition for UW, and it will be interesting to see these two offenses stand toe to toe. I also wonder how Jim Mora will feel in this one, coaching against a man in Steve Sarkisian who holds Mora's admitted dream job.

4. Stanford - The punditry of wondering if UW can play with the tree is laughable - they clearly can after beating them last season. The question will be if they can play with the tree on the road, as the last time that they attempted that it got quite ugly. Will we see Justin Wilcox put the clown suit on David Shaw again?

3. Washington State - A total revenge game, the Dawgs have not forgotten about how they lost control of the Apple Cup last November. In addition to the talent gap, the game being played in Seattle is huge, as the previous two games Sark has played the Cougs in the Emerald City have resulted in the Dawgs trouncing the cats.

2. Oregon - The prohibitive favorite to win the conference, this game could be a national game of the week if the two teams hold serve. Oregon most certainly will be either the #1 or #2 team in the country at that point, as they don't play anybody until they make the trek to Husky Stadium.

1. Arizona - Too high? Maybe, but consider: the Huskies should be 3-0 and ranked in the top 20 coming into this one, but in Arizona they'll face an offense -- and the kind of offense -- that gave them fits a year ago. It's likely that we'll learn more about the rest of the Husky season from this game than any other on the schedule. If they win here, it'll look like really big season brewing. A loss where they can't contain the UA offense means they're going to have their hands full with teams like Oregon, UCLA and ASU, and could be headed for another meh year.

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