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Ranking the Remaining Schedule: 6-11

How do the remaining games on the schedule stack up in terms of interest and importance?

Cal QB Jared Goff, who is on pace to have his arm fall off around game 9
Cal QB Jared Goff, who is on pace to have his arm fall off around game 9
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With 11 games to go, and a more clear image of just what these teams are going to look like forming, we dive into which games we're looking forward to the most.

11. Idaho State - ISU is one of the worst teams in all of FCS. They're no Eastern; they have no chance of making the game competitive and if the Huskies really wanted to, they could probably hang 100 on them. This one will be over by halftime and the backups will get a lot of live reps, which is fun in its own way, but not very exciting compared to the rest of the schedule.

10. Colorado - Paul Richardson is back, which at least gives them something, but this team is still not very good and Mike MacIntyre has a lot of work to do. The Buffs got some people excited after putting away Colorado State in their first game, but that excitement was tamped down when they couldn't really put away Central Arkansas yesterday.

9. Illinois - It's hard to say just how good Illinois is at this point. They've beaten an FCS team and a Cincy team that has undergone a coaching change and looked quite a bit worse than they did under Brian Kelly and Butch Jones. Nathan Scheelhaase is dangerous, but on the whole they don't look to have the speed of any of the Pac-12 games on the schedule. The game being at Soldier Field is a point of intrigue, as we get to see how these Dawgs play away from home.

8. Cal - Cal is a lot like Colorado, in that they built a little bit of hype after player their week 1 opponent (Northwestern) tough, but tamped their expectations a bit when they almost lost to Portland State in week 2 (a team that UW throttled last season). They play a high variance style of ball, with Jared Goff set to shatter the school record for passing attempts. The Husky secondary is one of the best he'll see though, and Steve Sarkisian has never lost to Cal.

7. Oregon State - How good are the Beavers? Or maybe, how bad are the Beavers? The last time they lost to an FCS team they won just 3 games. Hawaii is a really bad football team that gave the Beavers a tough time. I know the expectation from most is that Mike Riley turns it around, but right now this doesn't even look like a bowl team.

6. Arizona State - It's nice to get the Devils back on the schedule, though you'd have liked to have seen that happen before they fired Dennis Erickson. People seem to remember them as being a whole lot better than they were last season though, when they beat basically no good teams. There's something to be said about beating inferior teams, but I'm not buying them as a Pac-12 south contender just yet. If the Huskies are who we think they might be, they're head and shoulders above any team Todd Graham has beaten.