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5 Questions: Bye Week

ASJ's addition to the offense, recruiting, offensive variation, the starting lineup, and playing away from Husky Stadium

Otto Greule Jr

1. How does the team incorporate Austin Seferian-Jenkins into the offense, how healthy is his pinkie, and how is his conditioning? The early report on his return to practice was that he was pretty gassed when trying to keep up with the rest of the guys. If he's winded and his performance suffers, or the offense has to slow down to get him subbed out, they might not be that much better with him on the field than a guy like Joshua Perkins.

2. Do we get a verbal commitment? After the big showing against Boise State, there's a lot of buzz around the program. The Huskies are in the top-25 and people are talking about this potentially being a big year for them. With the bye week, the staff will be hitting the road, visiting high schools and watching their targets' games. Does somebody they're after buy into the notion that the program has turned a corner and decide that he wants to be a part of what has been built (and continues to build)?

3. How much variation in the offense do we see from game to game? Obviously there was a big jump from the Las Vegas Bowl to the opener this season, but how much of a difference will we see from Game 1 to Game 2? Was the stuff that they ran against Boise State stuff they thought they had an edge with, or is that just what they think best suits their personnel? Are there going to be large wholesale changes to get ready for Illinois, or will we see mostly the same stuff?

4. Will there be any changes in the lineup outside of ASJ's addition? There wasn't anybody who jumped out as deserving to be starting who wasn't, or anybody who was starting who looked overmatched, but maybe the staff noticed something in their film study that they liked or hated. Does one of the position groups that has a close competition (like rush end) see a flip flop in the starting lineup, even though it doesn't really change the rotation? Does someone come out of nowhere coming off of the bye?

5. How does the team prepare to go on the road? It's no secret that leaving Seattle has been one of this team's bugaboos, so do they stick with business as usual and just expect that improved talent and depth will do more to remedy that issue than anything else? Or do they make some changes during their preparation to get the team more locked in? Does their focus on this over the offseason pay off? Is their motto of "Anywhere, Any Time, Anyone" just lip service, or do we see some results?

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