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Midweek Debate: Expectations Changed?

Everybody knew the Huskies had a chance against Boise State, but I don't think anybody expected them to look as good as they did and win so convincingly.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

After crushing the Broncos in the opener, the Huskies have jumped into the rankings, and guys like Matt Hinton are thinking that the Huskies are pretty good. Places that do win projections have all jumped the Huskies final season projection up quite a bit. There's a little bit of a buzz around the program right now.

On the Husky side, coming into the year there were expectations of improvement in the win column. For the most part, fans were saying that 8 or more wins was the baseline, and anything less would be a major disappointment or a disaster.

So the question for you, Dawg Pounders, is if the win against Boise State has changed your expectations for the rest of the season. Were you thinking that they wouldn't win that game coming into the year? Was the manner in which they won impressive enough that you think they're more likely to win some of the more difficult games on the schedule? Did the performances of teams around the conference (namely, Oregon State) give you more confidence in the Huskies? Or did this game not really change anything for you?

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