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The Good, The Bad & The Unknown: Huskies Wallop Boise State

Not much bad about a blowout of the Broncos.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Well... that was fun.

In what was probably the Huskies' most dominant win over a quality opponent since the 2010 Holiday Bowl, the Huskies once again supplied thorough revenge against a non-conference opponent who had recently beaten them and looked stunning on a national stage. After opening 2010-2012 with underwhelming efforts that got fans uneasy about the team right out of the gate, the Huskies finally came out of the gate swinging and now fans will finally start a season with high hopes after game one.

The Good

Speed, speed, speed - The Huskies simply looked like they were running in fast forward against the Broncos in every way. From their tempo, to their overall team speed, to their energy, the Huskies looked light years faster than the Broncos in every facet of the game.

Welcome back, Keith Price - Other than a frighteningly bad initial pass that was picked off, Keith Price looked like he was in 2011 form - making smart plays with his feet and arms, not forcing balls and tearing up defenses with efficiency. He looked almost nothing like the guy who struggled against the Broncos in the Las Vegas Bowl and the Huskies will be very tough to stop on offense if he can keep it up.

Defense - It wasn't quite the "All I Saw Was Purple Game," but the Huskies looked dominant and confident on defense, holding what should be a quality opponent, to just six points, and completely keeping them out of the end zone.

The Bad

Penalties - Hard to find much of anything wrong with this game other than the fact that it looks like the Huskies may have carried over their penalty problems from 2012 as they committed eight.

The Unknown

Boise State - Yes, the Broncos were ranked, and are generally one of, if not the best, non-BCS programs in the country, but until we see them play some more games, we won't know exactly how impressive the Huskies' dismantling of them was.

Pass rush - The Huskies didn't get a single sack, but that doesn't necessarily prove that their pass rush will be as non-existent as it was last year, as it was more of a bi-product of how quickly Joe Southwick was getting rid of his passes once the ball was snapped. The rare times that Southwick did take a five-step drop, the Huskies were able to get after him a little bit, but the stat line is still concerning.

Road woes - The Huskies once again showed up at home and have now won seven out of their past eight at home and 13 out of their past 15. We know that the Huskies can perform at home, but can they finally put it together on the road when they travel to Chicago in two weeks?