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Keith Price Passing Chart: Boise State

Here's the breakdown of Price's passing by down, distance, quarter, length of pass and some other factors too.

Otto Greule Jr

Some clarifications to start: AYDs is Air Yards, or the distance a pass travelled through the air to where it was caught. This number could conceivably be negative (and often was in this game) for passes completed behind the line of scrimmage. YAC is yards gained after the catch, and with negative AYDs could be greater than the yards gained on a particular pass play.

Some interesting things:

  • Jaydon Mickens finished with more YAC than total receiving yards. Most of his targets and catches occurred behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Kasen Williams had a lot of the team's explosive plays, but he also was the target on the INT and had the lone drop. Kind of a boom or burst game for him.
  • Mickens caught the ball every time he was targeted, which is fantastic, though again, he did a lot of work catching the ball behind the LOS.
  • As we all knew, Price did a lot of work passing the ball on quick throws behind the LOS. I don't know how much credit you can give him for these plays, as they're basically extended handoffs.
  • Nice to see improvement in the categories beyond 10 yards, as that area of the passing game was essentially nonexistent in 2012