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Game Preview and TV Schedule: Arizona at #16 Washington

The Huskies open Pac-12 play this week against the feisty Arizona Wildcats. Both teams run prolific up-tempo offenses. This game has the serious possibility of being a shootout. However, without Matt Scott running the offense, the Wildcats are much more one-dimensional this year, and the Husky D should have a much better time taking care of business against Arizona.

Didn't his coach tell him "high and tight?"
Didn't his coach tell him "high and tight?"
Ethan Miller

Who: Arizona at #16 Washington

Where: Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington

When: 4 pm Pacific

TV Schedule: FOX, with Gus Johnson on the play-by-play, Charles Davis as the analyst, and Kristina Pink on the sideline

Previews: Remembering Last Year's Game; 5 Questions; Cassino's Q & A; Q & A With Desert Swarm; AZ's Defense; AZ's Offense; AZ's Special Teams; Fan Preview, Kirk's Prediction


The Huskies lead this series 18-10-1. Both teams are undefeated thus far this year, and both are looking to prove to the rest of the country that they are legitimate football teams this year. The Huskies are looking to redeem themselves this year after the clown-stomping they suffered at the hands of the Wildcats last season in Tuscon last year.


0 - The combined number of losses for each team thus far

4 - Ka'Deem Carey's Rushing TD's thus far this season

5 - B.J. Denker's rushing TD's thus far this season

38.1 - B.J. Denker's completion percentage against the only FBS team Arizona has played so far this season ... UNLV (He went 8 for 21 that game)

109 - The number of passing yards the Wildcats have averaged in the first three games of this season

358 - The number of passing yards the Wildcats averaged per game in the first three games of last year

What They're Saying

No insults intended; this is really just some gameweek fun ... so have a laugh. These quotes were removed from any relevant context that would give them any logical sense ...

I think RR comes out with a great gameplan with two weeks to prepare and beats them by 21

Gus Johnson is calling the game so it's going to be close, and if it's close we have a chance.

UDUB might be focused on Stanford

Hold Stankey to around 100 yards. Cats did a nice job on the UNLV RB

UDUB shell shocked by Scroggins

I'm just not putting any money on the game.

Keith Price is psychotic. If he barfs up a couple of turnovers (as is his habit) we will be right in the game ...

Washington will beat either Stanford or Oregon this year and mess up any chance of 2 pac 12 bcs teams

Our coaching is far superior to what they have in Seattle.

UW always has a meltdown game or two. Let's hope it's us!

RR has yet to lose coming off a bye week. In fact they've both been blowouts.

Our bye week to prepare, combined with an overconfident and overrated UW, combined with a QB (Price) who has proven to be erratic in the past, combined with a defense that is nothing if not opportunistic...we have a good chance of forcing some TO's early. We can then take the 97cats strategy and pound the rock while keeping them honest with a few well-timed passes.

If we lead at the end of the 1st qtr....30-28 Cats win

I don't fear Washington, I only fear Arizona not executing well enough to make Washington look like it's that much better than us.

This was a great week of opposing fan input. These quotes were provided by The fans, at least here, are on two sides of the fence right now. Lots of them are thinking that Arizona is going to come up here win by a score, while the other side thinks UW is going to run away with the game. I find this latter opinion interesting, considering the shellacking UW took at Arizona's hands last year. Alas, this is why the game is played, and here's to hoping that the negative fans' objective opinions are the accurate ones.

Questions needing answers

Offense: Will the incessant penalties cease? How many rushing yards will Bishop Sankey rack up? Will ASJ be in better shape this week? Who is he going to smear this week? How will the offense look against a Wildcat defense that won't get tired as easily as some other teams the Dawgs will play this week?

Defense: Will our speedy defense be able to stop both Denker and Carey? Will our front four be able to create some kind of pass rush, allowing Mr. Wilcox to put a spy on Denker if he tries to evade it? How many interceptions will the D rack up?

Miscellaneous: Will Denker be up to the atmosphere of Husky Stadium? Are the coaches down in Tuscon really better than the coaches in Seattle? What kind of factor will the rain play in the game? Will Mr. Shelton get triple-teamed?

Conference play begins this week. AZ QB B.J. Denker has played in one away game this year, at UNLV. Needless to say, that place pales in comparison to Husky Stadium. It could play a serious role in Denker's ability to manage the game, in come up with a good performance. I tend to think that he will have some trouble when he plays, but I thought the same thing when somebody name Taylor Martinez came to town. We all remember how that worked out.

Look to both teams to try and get things going quickly. Carey and Sankey could both have monster games. However, Wilcox is going to stack the box and try to force Denker to beat man coverage with his arm. I don't see that happening. Look for the Dawgs to run away with this one.