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The Good, The Bad & The Unknown: Idaho State

Hard to find much bad in a 56-0 win.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It has been forever, but the Huskies are finally 3-0 again and got through their non-conference slate without getting beat. A win over Idaho State may have been a foregone conclusion going in, but for serious fans, that doesn't matter, as even a blowout offers a chance to glean a lot about the team.

The Good

Running backs - The Huskies racked up 370 yards and four touchdowns on the ground and no matter which running back they threw in there, they seemed to be unstoppable (Cyler Miles was also impressive on the ground).Bishop Sankey looked like he could have run for 300 plus yards if he had been given a dozen carries, Jesse Callier and Dwayne Washington were explosive, Deontae Cooper as effective as he has ever looked and Ryan McDaniel powerful in his first real performance.

Shutout - Idaho State may have been pathetic, but holding someone without a point was a statement that I felt the Huskies, and Husky fans really wanted to make. The back-up defense looked shaky at times, but they were able to force the Bengals into field goals when their backs were against the wall and gave them their first shutout since the 2009 Apple Cup.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins - He didn't blow up, he didn't really need to with the state of the game, but seeing Seferian-Jenkins play well and regularly be involved in plays was refreshing and very encouraging for the offense going into the Pac-12 season. Imagine how dangerous the Husky offense is going to be with the nation's best tight end firing on all cylinders.

The Bad

Idaho State - The Huskies are looking impressive thus far this season, and that plays into why the Huskies dominated the Bengals in the way they did, but it was also because the Bengals simply looked awful. It's clear why they have struggled so mightily in the Big Sky.

Penalties - The Huskies didn't clean it up at all against a soft opponent, and actually seemed to step up their ineptitude in regards to penalties. It didn't really matter, but the Huskies cannot keep hurting themselves with double digit penalties each week.

The Unknown

This game was pretty cut and dry, you knew the Huskies would dominate and they did, so these unknowns are more overall unknowns coming out of the non-conference slate.

What does 3-0 really mean? The Huskies blowout of Boise State was thrilling, but the Broncos have already lost another game to Fresno State and have looked very bad on defense. Illinois was a good road win, but the Illini were atrocious last season and beating Idaho State means nothing. Of course running the table is great, but how good will Boise State and Illinois end up being in 2013? And how good will those wins looks down the road?

Can they stay healthy? I can't remember a non-conference schedule (Or the opening three games in general) where the Huskies seemingly came out completely unscathed with major injuries heading into conference play. The Huskies seemed to be very well-conditioned due to running and defending the hurry-up in practice, but will they be able to keep their healthy streak going when they start playing strong Pac-12 teams next week?

Can they defend the up-tempo? The Huskies clearly can run the up-tempo, but can they finally defend it. It has seemed that the Huskies always seem to look good until they run into an up-tempo team and then it falls apart, but with their defense practicing against it every day now, is this the year they can finally reasonably defend it?