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Gangline Recap Week 4

There were two nailbiters this week, and then a bunch of blowouts. All in all, UW's opponents came out of the week no worse for wear.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Opponents' Overall Record: 28-9

Opponents' Record Last Week: 4-3

There was a whole lot of resting going on last week, as only seven UW opponents took the field, one of which was Idaho State. The game of the week was the Boise State vs. Fresno State game, which was a nail-biter all the way to the end. The good news coming out of this week: UW opponents once again had a winning record.

Boise State (2-2) @ Fresno State (3-0)

Boise State had beaten Fresno State in each of the past seven meeting prior to this one. After Fresno State had blown a 15 point lead, they had 2:14 left, and 87 yards to drive for the game-winning touchdown. David Carr's little brother, Derek, did just that, as Fresno State nipped Boise State. Final score: Fresno State wins 41-40.

Idaho State (2-1) @ #17 Washington (3-0)

Here's the highlights.

#23 Arizona State (2-1) @ #5 Stanford (3-0)

This was a measuring stick game for both teams, with the Sun Devils coming to Palo Alto to take on the mighty Cardinal ... I never get why their mascot is plural when it represents the entire student, alumni, faculty, and staff base ... anyways, Stanford built an early lead and never came close to relinquishing it. They were up 29-0 at the end of the first half, and the Sun Devils looked completely outclassed. Final score: Cardinal wins 42-28.

New Mexico State (0-4) at #13 UCLA (3-0)

This game was quite similar to the UW/Idaho State game. The Bruins were up 31-0 at the end of the first half, and their starters left the game quite early. It was a great game to have the week before conference play began, as there were no significant injuries for UCLA. Final score: UCLA wins 59-13.

Oregon State (3-1) @ San Diego State (0-3)

Man has this been a rough year so far for the Aztecs ... They can't win to save their lives, and this game against the Beavers was no different. At the start of the fourth quarter, the Aztecs were up 27-14. Then the Beavers scored two offensive touchdowns, while the Aztecs only got a field goal. Then, up by two, the Aztecs only needed two and a half minutes to close the game out ... however on the second play of the drive, San Diego promptly threw a pick-6, handing the game to the Beavers. Final score: Beavs win 34-30

Idaho (0-4) @ Wazzu (3-1)

Well, the state of Idaho had a bad week ... as each one of their major college teams lost, going 0-3. Of course, the only real hope for the state was Boise, and you already know how that went. The Vandals walked across the state line from Moscow to Pullman, and walked back home with one more loss, but nothing else. The downside for the Cougs was that though Connor Halliday threw four touchdowns, he somehow managed to throw two interceptions. The miraculous thing about all of that was the ineptitude of the Idaho offense. Amazingly, they notched a giant goose-egg in the points column despite being in Cougar territory three times. Final score: Cougs win 42-0.