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Husky Drive Efficiency vs Idaho State

The charts for this game are exactly as dominating as the Huskies were over the Bengals.

Otto Greule Jr

There's not really anything to take from this game other than the Huskies were completely efficient on offense. To differentiate between garbage time and relevant stats for this purpose, I chose Keith Price leaving the game as a cutoff point. As you can see, they gained just about every available yard while Price was in the game.

They finally had a few drives starting with a short field, and they turned all of them into touchdowns. But again, because of the competition, I don't know that you can really take that as a huge positive. It's definitely not a negative that they improved their starting field position, but it's not something you can project forward either.

Defensively, same deal but really even more dominant if that's possible. I used the first half as the cutoff, and that's being generous, as the Huskies started to rotate their number two's in well before the end of the second quarter.

Turnovers and three and outs on the first five drives of the game is not a bad way to start at all. If you watched the game, you saw what you're seeing in these charts, I don't really have anything to add. Go Huskies.