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Washington vs Idaho State Game Awards

Cyler Miles and Kevin King grabbed some plaudits, Jaydon Mickens and Colin Tanigawa not so much, the game was over early and went as expected, but WTF is with all the penalties?

Otto Greule Jr

Player of the game: Cyler Miles. He stepped into the game in relief, and showed some of the things that people are excited about seeing from him. His numbers weren't gaudy, but he was efficient throwing the ball (5/7, 97 yards, 1 TD) and displayed the threat to run the ball almost like the last guy who wore #10, going for 89 yards -- which led the team -- on just 4 carries. His presence allowed the team to truly run the zone read, and when he kept the ball he was lethal.

Goat of the game: It's hard to pick anyone here because the game was such a route, but Colin Tanigawa's 3 false starts in the first quarter were pretty frustrating. Jaydon Mickens also a candidate with his fumble on the first drive of the game.

Who stepped up: Kevin King got a ton of playing time, and though I'm sure he wasn't perfect, he had a big fumble recovery on a John Ross miscue on a punt return, and seemed to be around the ball all game. The Huskies had 3 freshmen playing in the secondary at times, and they acquitted themselves well.

The game tipped when: It looked like the Huskies may have been in for a bit of an adventure when Mickens fumbled, but Idaho State politely fumbled the ball right back three plays later. Bishop Sankey would cap a 5 play TD drive and the floodgates were open at that point.

It was over when: When the game was scheduled. The Huskies would win this game 100 out of 100 times. The talent gap is just too big.

Surprise of the game: I'm not sure there was one. The game went about as expected, and nobody really stood out in a surprising sort of way. The biggest surprise was probably that nobody had a big game: there was no 100 yard rusher or 100 yard receiver and no defender filled the stat sheet.

WTF moment of the game: Those penalties... are you kidding? 16 (!) for 130 yards is ridiculous. Far too many dead ball penalties, and even if it was an issue with ISU stemming, it's something that has to be addressed and cleaned up in a hurry.

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