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The Prediction - Washington vs. Idaho State

Saturday brings the Bengals of Idaho State to Husky Stadium. Will they get mauled as expected, or do the Huskies have anything to worry about? Your UW Dawg Pound authors predict the game...

Will RB Deontae Cooper get his first TD this weekend?
Will RB Deontae Cooper get his first TD this weekend?
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk DeGrasse:

It's been interesting to watch interviews with the team and coaches this week. Everyone outside the program expects a blowout, but the coaches continue to preach that it's all about the Huskies focusing on themselves and improving. They've taken a good approach in my opinion, and I get the sense that this team is developing the maturity needed to not take any game lightly and focus one week at a time.

There's really no question that the Huskies will win; forget Idaho State's 2-0 record - they came against Division II opponents. This isn't a top-level FCS program like Appalachian State or Eastern Washington; prior to this season, they had notched 6 wins in the previous 5 seasons combined. The question is what the form of the win will look like. Given what we've seen so far from this team, there's no good reason they shouldn't win by 50+, and that's probably conservative given the potency of the 2013 Husky offense.

I think this team takes care of business - the 1st stringers will roll out to a big lead in the 1st half, get their work in and the 2nd half will be all about emptying the bench and getting reps to the backups and deep reserves. This game should provide the best opportunity to see Deontae Cooper score his first college touchdown, and it should result in the biggest cheer of the day from the crowd. UW 59, Idaho State 6

Chris Landon:

I predict that my post-game comments will go something like this: "Despite the obvious chasm in talent between the two teams, Washington struggled in this affair as they explored the bottom recesses of the playbook with a collection of walk-ons and try-out hopefuls. Husky Golfer CT Pan looked serviceable at QB while Jim the Tuba Guy from the Husky band, he of the 315 lb frame, looked damn near unstoppable at TB. Beyond that, things looked a little dodgy. Husky LB coach, Peter Sirmon, who played a few snaps in hopes of convincing the staff that they shouldn't let his remaining year of eligibility go to waste, was chided by Husky DC Justin Wilcox for 'a lack of eye discipline' and C.J. Wilcox demonstrated that his knack for scoring from deep is restricted to the hardwood as he was 0-4 on FG attempts from beyond 35 yards. Still, the Huskies were able to cover the 53 point spread and go into the P12 opener against Arizona fully healthy. Mission accomplished."

Brad Johnson:

I predict that the Huskies will win.

I predict that there will be at least one quarter of sloppy football by the Dawgs.

I predict the Huskies will win more by simply being physically dominant than in looking particularly sharp.

I predict that at some point, the defense will start feeling a bit too big for their britches, and will pay for it.

I predict two rushers over 100 yards.

I predict Cyler Miles throws his first touchdown as a Husky.

I predict that the defense will give up more yards than we'd all like to see through the air, but not as many on the ground due to sacks.

I predict that the Dawgs will be at least +2 in turnover margin.

I predict that if it rains in the second half, I'll consider leaving early, but ultimately won't.

I predict that if it doesn't rain in the second half, I'll consider leaving early to get another piece of the Bacon Explosion I'm making tonight for the tailgate tomorrow, but ultimately won't.

I predict we won't know anything more about the Dawgs come the final gun tomorrow than we do right now, unless it's a negative (an injury or the like).

I hate that this game is on the schedule. Yes, it gives the backups some real game experience, but it isn't actually valuable due to the mismatch.


Washington gets their 50 points. Dwayne Washington gets back on track for a hundred yard day. The third string gives up a TD after spending a TV time out at the zone with a Red Hook. 52-7 Dawgs

Jeff Gorman:

No matter the score, I think the we will see the starters play the first series of the 2nd half. Why? I think Sark dose this to really hammer home "finishing" no matter the score or opponent. Keeping your foot on the gas is an important lesson for this team to learn after the Illinois game. What else to say about this game? No reason for the Huskies to not dominate in every way. Sure there will some sloppy plays due to lack of focus, but this will be a blow out. Huskies 45, Bengals 3