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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Bustin' Broncos Edition)

WARNING: These dots will make you rue the coming BYE week.

Husky captains Bishop Sankey and Keith Price had a lot to celebrate during the opening of the new Husky Stadium last Saturday night.
Husky captains Bishop Sankey and Keith Price had a lot to celebrate during the opening of the new Husky Stadium last Saturday night.
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Can I get a "Hell Yeah, Dawg"?



As many of you know, I was in Seattle this weekend to personally take in the new Husky Stadium as well as the Bronco Bustin' that our Dawgs put on Boise State.  It was a great time and I'd like to thank Kirk, Tige, Brad and a few others who wish to remain anonymous for meeting up with me out there.  And, to Lear Pilot, we will meet again.  Also, big thanks to Anthony for holding down the fort during the weekend.

Now, let's get to some Dots.

Extra Dots

Since this was the first game of the season and the first ever in the new Husky Stadium, I thought I'd leave some of my own impressions of the overall experience in the form of extra Dots.

  • The new stadium shined in several ways.  The on-the-field experience was perfection and the various nods to Husky history - including the Ring of Honor (what a great surprise that was) to the various "great moments" stations throughout the stadium were well-appreciated.  However, there were definitely some bugs to work out.  There were several glitches with the video boards which resulted in no updated CFB scores or game stats getting posted.  The people-flow through the stadium and at the concession stands were also poorly planned.  Oh, and running out of food early in the third quarter is a missed opportunity.  Definitely some bugs that can be worked out before Idaho State.  Still, I appreciated that hard-working staff (all of whom were also doing this for the "first-time" and the abundance of patience shown by the fans.

  • I thought RT Ben Riva's flat out domination of Boise State's best defender, Demarcus Lawrence, along with Micah Hatchie's strong overall effort at LT, were the most surprising aspects of the offensive performance and portend good things for the rest of the season.

  • Lots of questions surrounded the defensive secondary coming into this one.  Consider them all asked and answered.  Boise State was expected to have a huge advantage with their depth at WR.  However, Marcus Peters was clearly the best player in the UW Secondary vs BSU Passing Game matchup and Greg Ducre more then held his own by sticking to each of his assignments.  This was a huge test successfully passed for the Huskies.

  • One set of questions not answered quite as well was how UW would fare against teams with bigger lines and backs who want to run up the gut.  While Danny Shelton was effective in holding his gaps, Boise State definitely was able to leverage its size advantages with Jay Ajayi and Aaron Baltazar to get a lot of plays "falling forward".  This does raise the question as to how stout we can be against bigger backs and power rushing teams in the P12.

  • The special teams - especially coverage units - were lights out.  I thought Dwayne Washington shined even brighter on special teams then he did as a backup to Bishop Sankey.

  • Deontae Cooper's first carry took everyone by surprise such that we weren't able to cheer him / honor him as extensively as he deserved.  Penalty flag aside, I suspect that Deontae was just fine with being able to get through that moment without excessive (and embarrassing) fanfare.  Still, I was thrilled for the young man and I got chills when the "Coop" calls came out of the stands.

  • Last dot for Keith Price.  The thing that made KP so special in 2011 was his ability to keep plays alive  and then keep his eyes downfield long enough to make something happen.  Those improvisational traits evaporated last year as breakdowns always led to him throwing the ball away or putting it on the ground.  On Saturday night, he was all about keeping plays alive.  Even when he got "happy feet" on some plays early in the game, the worst you could say is that he didn't keep with the routes long enough before improvising.  Still, he did keep his eyes downfield and he was looking to make plays happen.  That is the secret ingredient that was missing in 2012.  The TD pass to Perkins on the broken play was vintage Keith Price and one of the best highlights of his record-setting career at UW.

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