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Five Takeaways: Boise State

Perimeter players, the coaching of the secondary, Husky domination, the up tempo offense, and Husky Stadium.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Huskies suddenly have a ton of talent on the perimeter of their offense. Like, a could be among the best in the country level. John Ross seems to be as good as advertised, and Jaydon Mickens: holy cow. If anybody claims they were expecting him to be that productive from day one this year, they're lying. This offense run as it was against Boise State is tough to defend: if you focus on the wideouts, the slots will kill you. But how can you focus on the slots and leave Kasen Williams in single coverage? Just think of the matchup nightmares when Austin Seferian-Jenkins returns.

2. Remember the disaster that was the 2011 secondary? Remember how quickly it turned around to 2012? And then how it was a big question mark coming into this season? If there's anybody still doubting the coaching ability of Keith Heyward and Justin Wilcox, they clearly haven't been watching Husky football lately. It just seems like whoever they plug in on the back end is going to get the job done.

3. I don't know exactly how good Boise State is, but I tend to give a coach who has averaged 12 wins a season for his career the benefit of the doubt, and assume they're going to be at least an above average team year in and year out. So to think that that was potentially a double digit win team that the Huskies just throttled, gets me pretty excited. That was probably the best any Husky team has looked in all three phases since...? Well I can't remember the last time a Husky team was that dominant of a quality opponent.

4. The up tempo offense was aces. It didn't seem to matter what the down and distance was, the Huskies were going to convert, or set themselves up to. Keith Price had all the time in the world, but he rarely needed it. Most of the time the ball was out of his hands before the defense even had a shot at bringing pressure. In the run game, the defense was spread out, and Bishop Sankey was able to gash them for chunks pretty much at will. The simplified play book has the players playing football, instead of thinking football, and the results were immediate.

5. Husky Stadium is awesome.