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Idaho State Position Previews — Defense

Each week, we take a look at the various fronts of Washington's upcoming opponent. Today, we examine the defense of the Idaho State Bengals.

Expect to see much and more of this on Saturday.
Expect to see much and more of this on Saturday.
Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

Players to watch
DE Austin Graves, LB Mitch Beckstead, DB Cameron Gupton

Notable injuries/absences

Junior linebacker Mitch Beckstead appears to be the heart and soul of this year's Bengal defense, leading the team with 18 tackles (11 solo, 2.0 for loss). He's followed by fellow linebacker PJ Gremaud (10 tackles, 2.0 for loss) and defensive end Austin Graves (10 tackles, 2.5 for loss, 1.5 sacks). In the defensive backfield, fifth-year senior Cameron Gupton has already defended three passes, though he has yet to secure an interception.

All told, though, there is nothing about this defense that should worry Washington. In two games against Division II opponents, Idaho State yielded more than 260 yards of offense per game, including more than 200 yards through the air. I'll be amazed if Sankey finishes the first quarter with less than 100 yards rushing, and if Washington's offensive starters aren't on the bench by halftime, it can only be because something has gone horribly, horribly awry.


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