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Keith Price Passing Chart: Illinois

Keith Price went bananas against Illinois -- particularly in the first half -- Jaydon Mickens is a catch machine, and a few other assorted thoughts from charting Keith Price against the Illini.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Keith was absolutely on it in the the first half. He had just one pass that wasn't complete that was his fault; the other three incompletions were a drop and two balls thrown out of bounds. Each of his first 17 passes that targeted a receiver should have been caught.

Price has completed 94% of his passes to Jaydon Mickens this season. Most of those have been behind the line on scrimmage, yes, but they've still got to be good passes. And more importantly, it suggests that Mickens is over his drop issues from his freshman year, though the one incompletion thrown to him hit him in the chest and clanged off of his pads.

When the offense dug itself into a hole and was in situations where they needed more than ten yards for a first down, Price was great for the second straight game. He's now 9/9 passing in those situations for 137 yards.

There was either a more concerted effor, or just a better job, of getting the ball spread around to different position groups from the first game to the second. In the first contest there were just 3 passes to non-WR's (2 completed) while against Illinois there were 10 (9 completed).

Bit of a diminished role for the freshmen, getting just the one target to John Ross as compared to a combined 5 targets previously.

People were talking about the Boise State being one of Keith's finest games at the college level, but not so much after this one. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the team didn't win so convincingly, but it wasn't due to Price. He was better in this game.