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Game Preview and TV Schedule: Washington at Illinois

Here comes the next week! The Huskies are playing a hot Illinois team that loves the big play. This looms to be an exciting game for all fans.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports
Every memory of looking out the back door
I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It's hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye.
- Nickelback

Who: UW @ Illinios (Neutral Site)

Where: Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois

When: 3:00 pm, Pacific Time

TV Schedule : Big 10 Networks

Just pay your cable provider $9 to get the Big 10 Network package to hear Eric Collins on the play-by-play and Evan Fitzgerald as the reporter.

Previews: Illinois Defense; Illinois Offense; Illinois Special Teams; 5 Questions: Illinois; Q&A With the Champaign Room; The Prediction


These two teams have played a total of 9 times, with the Huskies leading that series 5 to 4. Washington lost the first three games they played against the Illini in 1950-52, won the next three games by a decisive 76 to 27. The last time these two teams met was in 1972 when the Illini came to Husky stadium and got whomped, 31-11.


0 - The number of TDs allowed by UW's defense so far this year

2 - The number of Tackles for loss the Huskies have this year

3 - The number of road wins the Huskies have the last two years

3.93 - Husky opponents' average yards per play

6 - The number of tackles for loss Husky opponents have this year

6 - The number of Illinois Receivers averaging more that 20 yards per game from both games they've played thus far

6.96 - The Huskies' average yards per offensive play

29 - Illinois' average yards gained per kickoff return

43.5 - Illinois' average points per game

431.5 - Illinois' opponents' average yards of offense per game

493 - Illinois' average yards of offense per game

522 - The number of yards Illinois gave up to Cincinnati while holding them to just 17 points

What They're Saying

No insults intended; this is really just some gameweek fun ... so have a laugh. These quotes were removed from their context on purpose.

I bought my first color tv for the last Illini-UW game!

Every game should be a W and Alabama here come the Illini to take you down this year!

Honestly, as long as it LOOKS like a good crowd on TV ... I'll consider it a success.

I picked Bishop Sankey in one of the last two weeks of college fantasy football last year...He'd had a good year and was going against a miserable Colorado run defense. He absolutely SCREWED me by underperforming and I lost the lead! So I'll be pretty unhappy if we lose this game because Sankey runs all over us.

Can't see that happening though. This has the makings of a great QB duel. Maybe I should pick up the QB's in this game...

Prediction: Huskies are a turnover factory --> 5 Total, 2 fumbles & 3 ints

Big tight end -> nonfactor

Illini roll 38 - 20

The last time i was this excited for an Illini football game was probably Juice's last game against Mizzou.

We know how Illinois has been treating the chance to play this game in Chicago, so odds are they're going to come out fired up. Odds are they'll be more fired up than a team that just flew in from Seattle.

Washington is ranked, which doesn't mean a whole lot in Week 3, but still. Illinois is coming off a victorious rout, but they are also only two weeks removed from a near loss to SIU. Analysis: who knows? I'm picking Illinois. Illinois 31-28

Questions needing answers

Offense:Will the up-tempo offense be able to do more damage in the first half? How many catches will ASJ have this week? Will the offensive line continue to keep the pressure off of Keith Price? How many yards will Bishop get this week?

Defense:Will our corners be able to contain the Illini receivers? Will we see any pass rush? How many of the front 7 does it take to sack a quarterback?

Miscellaneous: Will we see the old Keith price? Can the Huskies win away from their new digs? How good was Cincinnati? How many plays will the offense run this week? Will the Illini run any trick plays?

Here comes game two Husky fans. I hope you can catch it on the Big 10 network. It looks to be an exciting game, with Illinois on an apparent upswing that has more than a few head coaches in the Big ten much more nervous about their looming games with the fighting Illini.

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