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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Sark Week Edition)

It's Shark Week! Or around these parts, probably Sark Week!


I can't come up with any inspiring short passages like Chris to lead off today's dots so I googled football quotes and picked one:

A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall.

Drop a comment if you can peg the person this quotes comes from. Extra points if you can avoid using google.

  • Practice with pads! Here's Coach Sark after Wednesday's practice with the media:

Steve Sarkisian Day 3 (via Todd Dybas)

  • Hardcore Husky fans should bookmark Former Seattle Times reporter Mason Kelley is helping out with some coverage including this latest piece on quarterbacks coach Marquis Tuiasosopo talking about the challenges for young quarterbacks like freshman Troy Williams.
  • Jack Follman lists the conference's Pac-12 Heisman contenders at Pacific Takes. Junior tailback Bishop Sankey checks in at No. 10. But I'm thinking Keith Price has the best shot at it on this team. Agree?
  • If you can't wait to walk into the new Husky Stadium, this video might be able to help you out, at least for a minute or two:

Walking into the new Husky Stadium for the first time (via Dawgmansports)

  •, aka the mothership, has this fun article compiling what different scholarship offer letters look like across the country, including UW's.
  • UW announced their non-conference basketball schedule on Wednesday. Highlights include a matchup in the 2K Sports Classic in Madison Square Garden against Indiana and a potential matchup against UConn. The team has two true road games against San Diego St. and Tulane, with ten home games including a matchup against UConn in late December.
  • Jay Bilas embarassed the NCAA on Tuesday by exposing a blatant attempt by the institution to profit off current and former collegiate football players. Bilas found out that by searching individual player names on he could find their jersey. For example:

Question of the Day:

Deontae Cooper's story is already an inspiring example of perseverance, but Curtis Williams' career-ending injury and Sonny Sixkiller's breaking through of the racial barrier at the quarterback position are also inspiring stories. I'm sure I'm missing some other inspiring stories. Who are some of the most inspirational figures in Husky football history?