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Dot...Dot...Dawg (First Day in Camp Edition)

Fall camp is open and, surprise, the first practice happened in Husky Stadium.

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The players practiced on Day 1 right on the new Husky Stadium turf.
The players practiced on Day 1 right on the new Husky Stadium turf. Album
 It wasn't like he didn't expect it.  Like the taste of chocolate or the numbing sensation of ice on skin, familiarity gave way to the trappings of eager anticipation as Day 1 arrived.   


  • The NFL season is starting to get into swing. As such, the topic of the NFL draft and the examination of graduating college talent is getting covered. Rob Rang previews the NFL talent on the Husky roster with a number of strong reviews. No surprises, but some great commentary.
  • One guy who Rang makes some strong statements about is S Sean Parker. Parker was the subject of an in-depth analysis by's Peter Smith. Bottom line: Parker grades out very well as an NFL prospect and could be the next solid S to come out of the UW in the tradition of Lawyer Milloy and Dashon Goldson.
  • Speaking of Goldson, he is already emerging as a strong leader on his new team in Tampa.
  • Donald Butler is also a player viewed by his team as a leader. It is time for Butler to have his contract negotiated and one columnist thinks that the Chargers need to show him some love.
  • Another guy who is starting to strut his stuff is Eagles RB Chris Polk. According to several outlets, Polk has been the star of training camp with his toughness and inside-the-tackles playmaking. One key for Polk as been a loss of 15 pounds so that he could move from the fullback role that Andy Reid wanted him to play to more of a runner/receiver for Chip Kelly. Many are starting to ponder whether or not Polk will be able to carve out a role as a red zone rusher for Chip Kelly's Eagles.
  • Expect to see a lot of chatter on Jake Locker early in the season. Locker is in a pivotal season for him and the Titans are trying to surround their young leader with new talent to help him succeed. The Titans are also experimenting with Locker in the Pistol and the early returns in camp have been very positive.
  • Other Sports

  • For the golf fans among you, get to know the name Kevin Kwon. Kwon is the next Canadian-sourced phenom for coach Matt Thurmond's Husky program. As this story notes, Brian has been eager to be a Husky for three years. Kwon just won the Canadian Boys Junior Championship and is currently competing at the 2013 Canadian Men's Amateur Championship, kicking off today.
  • Brandon Roy celebrated his 29th birthday last week (29!). This is a bittersweet birthday for B-Roy as 29 is usually when NBA stars reach the apex of their career productivity. B-Roy's time, of course, was cut short by chronically arthritic knees. Still, he made an epic impact in his short time in the league. Dime Magazine celebrates B-Roy's birthday with a "Top 5 Moments" list that includes video.
  • On the flip side of B-Roy is Tony Wroten - a young player who has a lot of doubters around him. Our SBNation partner, Grizzlies Bear Blues, argues in detailed fashion that we don't yet know anything about Tony Wroten as a pro.
  • Percy is wrapping up the summer league tournament that includes a number of current and former Huskies. Andrew Andrews, a key cog in next year's team, has been starring.
  • Finally, because he is one of our favorites, let's check in with Quincy Pondexter who has been busy dating Miss Universe contestants and running youth camps in Sacremento. Enjoy!
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  • Question of the Day

    The Huskies kicked off camp yesterday with a lot of the familiar optimism that comes with the first day. Sark talked extensively about getting better and the fact that the bitter end to last year still lingers. He thinks this is a better team than 7-6. What has to happen and/or break right for the Huskies to get to 10 wins in 2013?