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Austin Seferian-Jenkins Reportedly Suspended For Opener

It hit late this evening that ASJ will not be allowed to play in the Huskies' game against Boise State.

William Mancebo

Austin Seferian-Jenkins will reportedly sit out August 31st's game. Adam Jude had it first. The story is vague on how these details came about, simply citing "sources" saying that he'll be suspended one game. The sources also claim that the initial punishment was to be two games, though met some requirements to get it knocked down to just one.

The story also claims that (again, according to unnamed sources) that his pinkie had been medically cleared, so he was good to go in that aspect.

With as coy as Steve Sarkisian has been with this situation, and as close to the vest as he's played it, how reliable is this news? Generally speaking, these sources are right more often than they're wrong. But it may not be as straightforward as this. It may be that his pinkie hasn't really healed, or that they want to give him an extra two weeks (with the bye coming next week) to truly get over it and not risk him aggravating it.

The Huskies don't need ASJ to beat Boise State, but he helps. The loss of Austin Seferian-Jenkins does not eliminate the TE position, rather the team is losing the difference in production between Austin and the next guy, whether it be Joshua Perkins or Michael Hartvigson. How much have those two guys improved from the previous season? Will Evan Hudson get some snaps back on the offensive side of the ball?

I guess we'll see on Saturday.