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Five (Plus One) Questions: Boise State

We loook at the five biggest questions facing the Huskies as they head into their rematch with Boise State

William Mancebo

There are an unending number of questions to ask about any given team as the eve of the season opener draws near. The Huskies are no exception. Here are what some of the biggest areas of concern for August 31st:

1. What kind of Keith Price will we see? Not just the 2012 or 2011 Keith Price, but even the difference between the Keith Price in the beginning of the Las Vegas Bowl and the Keith Price as that game wore on was stark. Can Keith control the ball and make enough plays to keep the offense moving forward? He doesn't have to be lights out for the Huskies to win, but he can't lay an egg.

2. What will the impact of Demarcus Lawrence be? The Huskies didn't have to deal with him back in December, and he's a good enough player that he alters the way an offense attacks. I don't think he's good enough alone to completely throw off the UW offense, but he will make at least a play or two. Can UW's offensive line minimize his efforts?

3. How is UW's rebuilt secondary going to perform? The rest of the defense is intact from last season (for the most part), but the secondary is still in the process of finding replacements for Desmond Trufant and Justin Glenn. Some might take comfort in the fact that stepping into these positions two seniors in Gregory Ducre and Will Shamburger, while others may wonder if these guys are merely stopgaps after having been beaten out by younger players earlier in their careers.

4. Can Bishop Sankey replicate his 2012 Las Vegas Bowl MVP performance? Boise State had no answer for him, whether by land or air. He racked up yards at will, and if he does that again the Dawgs will be hard to beat. If the offensive line is as improved as has been advertised, he may do just that. In the last game, Steve Sarkisian came up with some inventive ways to get him the ball (fly-sweeps, wildcat and screens to supplement his standard carries), is that the plan again, or will the no-huddle mitigate some of the ability to do that?

5. Will Austin Seferian-Jenkins play? Is his pinkie healed and he's medically cleared? Is he serving any sort of suspension? Half of the game? The first quarter? The first drive? We won't know until we see him out there, and even if he misses just one drive, that could impact the game. If he misses any extended amount of time, it will definitely impact the game.

BONUS Q UESTION: How much of an impact will Husky Stadium have? Will it be the big driving emotional force in the homecoming game like all Dawgs hope it will be? Or will the emotions get running too high for the Dawgs and be a negative to start the game until the adrenaline dies down? If the Huskies are to come out and score on their first drive or force a turnover on Boise's, will the crowd get behind the Dawgs enough to make the Broncos' life hell?

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