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Midweek Debate: Best Husky

Who are 2013's best and most important Huskies?

Stephen Dunn

We've done our countdown of "Top Huskies" and they checked in as follows:

Number 10: Marcus Peters

Number 9: Travis Feeney

Number 8: Ben Riva

Number 7: Danny Shelton

Number 6: Keith Price

Number 5: Sean Parker

Number 4: Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Number 3: Shaq Thompson

Number 2: Kasen Williams

Number 1: Bishop Sankey

But "top" is not necessarily the same as "best" or "most important". For the purpose of this exercise, let's define best as: most talented, and we'll call most important: the player who the Huskies can stand to lose the least.

So, Dawgpound, who are your best and most important Huskies for the 2013 season?