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Husky Stadium Reborn

As Husky Stadium is set to reopen for game play on August 31, 2013 against Boise State the Dawgpound thought it would be good to take a walk down memory lane.

Harry How

Husky Stadium opened November 27, 1920. The game was a 28-7 loss to Dartmouth to end the 1920 Season. The stadium originally sat 30,000. The 1920's saw the building of many historic stadiums including: The Horseshoe, The Rose Bowl and The Coliseum.

Husky Stadium has added seats 4 times. This most recent renovation will actually leave it with less seating capacity. In 1936, 10,000 seats were added around the bottom. In 1950 the upper deck on the south side was added. 1968 saw a small addition of seats to the bottom rim. And in 1987 the upper deck of the North Side was added.

The Playing surface at Husky Stadium was originally dirt. 1967 it became one of the first college stadiums to use astroturf and in 2000 the Seahawks became the first NFL team to use field turf while playing at Husky Stadium.

Husky Stadium has also been the proud host of some historic moments outside of the football games. In 1933 Warren Harding gave his last public address. The Wave is said to be invented here in 1981. The 1990 Goodwill Games used Husky Stadium for its opening and closing ceremonies. But maybe its finest moment was being named the loudest stadium in the country in a game against Nebraska in 1992.

The Games

The Washington Huskies and Husky Stadium have been a part of many great games over the years. I will list a few here. I have been Husky fan for 35 Years, but never watched a game live. So I would also like you readers to add some of your favorite games. I can only really remember watching games starting in the 1977 season so the list will start there. And although I don't remember a lot of the details from these "early" years I remember them being great moments.

10. October 10, 1999

Marques Tuiasosopo becomes the first player in college football history to pass for 300 yards and rush for 200 yards. The Huskies won 35-30, but the story was all Tui.

9. September 20, 1997

Yeah so the Huskies lost this game at home to #7 Nebraska. But this game saw Tuiasosopo come into the game with the Dawgs down 21-0 and almost brought them back. I remember clearly that a lineman was yelling at Tui on the sideline, that it was his turn, and they needed him to lead them. Tui did lead them. Not to victory that day, but on many other days.

8. 1981 Apple Cup

This game not only sent the Huskies to the Rose Bowl, but the Cougars were denied a Rose Bowl berth at the same time. I was 8 and I am sure it helped solidify my allegiance to the Dawgs.

7. September 9, 2000

Washington beat a nationally ranked Miami team 34-29. This is the year that would provide lots of controversy with who should have played Oklahoma for the national title. The BCS said it should be Florida State, who had lost to Miami. Miami said it should be them. But Husky fans have always been able to say " yeah well we beat Miami"

6. September 19, 1992

The decibel game. Not only did the huskies win 29-14, ESPN claimed Husky Stadium to be the loudest stadium on record at over 135 decibels. The Huskies went on to their third straight Rose Bowl.

5. September 22, 1990

"I saw purple, That's all I saw. No numbers. No Faces. Just Purple" - Todd Marinovich. The Husky defense battered the USC quarterback all day on their way to a 31-0 victory and an eventual Pac 10 championship.

4. November 12, 1977

Warren Moon led Washington to a 28-10 victory over USC, and in turn Don James to his first Rose Bowl. This is the season and maybe the game the started my Huskies fanaticism.

3. 1991 Apple Cup

A 56-21 drubbing of the Cougs, on my nephews fifth Birthday sent the Huskies to the Rose Bowl undefeated. The Rose Bowl Championship would give the Huskies the National Championship.

2. September 19, 2009

In Steve Sarkisian's first season the Huskies were huge underdogs to number 3 ranked USC. The previous season the Huskies had hit their all time low. In the 2009 season I think most fans were just hoping it would get better. That day I knew that we would be just fine and that the worst was behind us.

1. November 22, 2003

The come from behind Apple Cup victory, probably doesn't mean much to a lot of people. But its the first game my son remembers. Its the first time we barked together for a Husky victory, and probably the reason my fanaticism will continue through generations to come.

As Husky Stadium reopens many more memories will be made. I hope to be part of a new sound record as I will watch my first game in Husky Stadium next Saturday night. This will almost surely become my favorite moment. What is yours?