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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Last Offseason Monday Edition)

Fall sports are all underway and games (gasp) are already being played. Time to get your dots on.

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Yeah, it's on.
Yeah, it's on.
You think that is funny?  You think you are a jokester?  This is entertainment to you?  I've been toiling in this muck for a decade and you waltz on in here like the King Monkey and think you are gonna toss your dots all over the place.  I've got news for you, monkey-boy.  This is my house.

Question of the Day

Lots of jawing and back-and-forth is already starting to get exchanged between our two fanbases. Apparently, Broncos fans think that Steve Sarkisian is Satan and that his villainy will lead to the demise of our Dawgs this weekend. I get that we (and I mean that the collective two fanbases) have probably had enough of each other over the past eight months, but I am curious about where Husky fans sit right now on Boise State as a program. It used to be that they were the underdog that nobody respected. Are they still that? Or are they now over-rated after years of still being that same "just good enough" mid-major team? Are they Gonzaga-like? And what do you think about the team that they are bringing to Seattle this Saturday? Major threat? Leave your comments below (and, please, be respectful of any smurfy visitors).