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2013 Husky Season Predictions

Some are bold. Some are fearless. All are in dot form for your enjoyment (and ridicule).

Prediction: The focus of these 3 men pays off.
Prediction: The focus of these 3 men pays off.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Anthony's Correct Predictions:

  • The Huskies will beat one of Stanford or Oregon.
  • Keith Price has a bounce-back season to the tune of around 3000 yards and 30 touchdowns.
  • Bishop Sankey's numbers drop, but the run game improves due to improved depth.
  • Deontae Cooper causes my living room to get dusty at some point.
  • The defense takes another step forward in year 2 under Justin Wilcox. The secondary stutters a bit early in the year, but the front seven becomes formidable enough to carry it, and by the end of the year it's looking like a top notch unit.
  • 9 or more wins and a contract extension for Steve Sarkisian.

Gekko's Bold Predictions:

  • UW upsets Oregon in the first matchup of the two teams in the new Husky Stadium.
  • Josh Shirley records 15 sacks to lead the conference.
  • Sankey makes it five seasons in a row that the Huskies have a 1000 yard rusher - a new Husky record.
  • ASJ elects to return for his senior year.

Kirk's Fearless Predictions:

  • Sark will wear the visor for 5 games and a hat for the other 8.
  • By the end of the season Steen will become the President of the Steve Sarkisian Fan Club, and he'll be warned multiple times on the blog to tone down the excessive optimism;
  • Lear and Anthony will find themselves agreeing so much, they will start a podcast together called the "LearCassino Show" - it will prove so popular that ESPN will buy the rights;
  • Brad will find his carpal tunnel symptoms from typing out long posts so excruciating that he begins writing all his posts in the form of haikus.
  • Larry Scott will personally install an upgraded DV set top to Chris after Comcast finally rolls out national distribution of the P12Nets, and Chris will cross the thin line between hate and love and become BFF's with Scott.
  • On a more serious note, the team will finish 9-4 with a loss in the Holiday Bowl; the season will be good enough to ensure another top-20 recruiting class and quiet some of the hot seat talk, but it will still leave questions as to the ceiling of this program under Sark.

Ben's Bold Predictions:

  • UW will finish one game out of a Rose Bowl berth.
  • The UW will lose by 20 or more one time this season, exactly.
  • Kikhara or Littleton (however you spell it) will supplant Shirley as starter.
  • Shaq will be named as an honorable mention All-American to the AP.
  • Chris will rename himself to MinnyC 360.

Kevin's Predictions:

  • UW compiles a 9-3 overall record. The Huskies will drop games to Stanford, UCLA an Oregon St. And yes, this will be the year the team finally beats Oregon - defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox will finally have the personnel and strategy to beat the Ducks. Obviously this is optimistic.
  • Senior quarterback Keith Price eclipses the 3,000 yard passing mark in the season and returns to his sophomore form. By mid-season, there are whispers of the Heisman trophy, but the team's losses to Oregon St. and UCLA bring people back to earth.
  • Junior running back Bishop Sankey rushes the ball more than 300 times and makes a push for 1500 total rushing yards - he also takes home second-team All-Pac 12 honors.

Ryan's Predictions:

  • Washington goes undefeated at home but continues to struggle on the road, finishing with a record of 8-4 with losses to Stanford, Arizona State, Oregon State and UCLA.
  • Keith Price returns to his 2011 form, finishing the year with 2,900 passing yards, 28 touchdowns and eight interceptions.
  • John Ross will return a punt for a touchdown.
  • Travis Feeney regains his starting role by the start of conference play.
  • Sean Parker will be ejected from a game for helmet-to-helmet contact.

Jack's Predictions:

  • There will be a point in the season, like last season after the Arizona loss, where it appears that the sky is falling and that Sarkisian isn't the guy. Could be after Boise State if they lose, after their nightmare stretch against Stanford, Oregon and Arizona State or after losing a game that they should win.
  • The will be a point in the season, like last season after the Stanford win, that is joyous, and makes everyone think that the Huskies might finally be headed back to the top of the conference. Could be an upset over Oregon, a big road win against Arizona State, UCLA or Oregon State or a convincing win over Boise State in the opener.
  • In the end, the season will have ups and downs, but the Huskies will end up with a winning record that is enough to keep Sark around, but not enough to make everyone ecstatic about it.

Brad's Fearless Predictions:

  • Keith Price will throw for 30 or more touchdowns.
  • Bishop Sankey will gain just shy of 2,200 yards from scrimmage, and account for 20 TD's.
  • The following players will be named first team all-conference: Sean Parker, Shaq Thompson, Bishop Sankey, and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. John Timu, Danny Shelton, Marcus Peters, Keith Price, Kasen Williams, and Colin Tanigawa will be second team.
  • A linebacker will lead the team in interceptions.
  • At least one opposing coach or player will call the new Husky Stadium the "loudest building I've ever coached/played in."

Randall's Fearless Predictions:

  • At least one husky will be in the top 5 for the Heisman
  • UW will lead the conference in rushing yards per game
  • UW will lead the conference in points per game
  • UW will lead the conference in sacks
  • John Ross will take 4 punts to the house
  • Shaq will lead the conference in interceptions
  • People will generally think UW's defense performed worse this year
  • Danny Shelton will consume and digest at least 5 opposing quarterbacks, 10 offensive lineman, and an entire Pac12 referee crew before the season is done
  • 10 Huskies will have at least 5 TDs

Jeffrey's Bold Predictions:

  • Keith Price's stat line will look better than this: 2,700 yards passing, 23 passing touchdowns, 62% completions, and 11 interceptions.
  • Shaq Thompson, ASJ, and Sankey are all first team Pac 12.
  • Ben Riva, Dexter Charles, and Sean Parker are 2nd team all Pac-12
  • Evan Hudson is our 2nd best defensive lineman after Danny Shelton
  • The Huskies win 9 games, including a bowl win.
  • We land zero 5 star recruits this class.

And, best for last:

CODawg's Bold Prediction:

  • "I planted 5 new rose bushes this year in anticipation of a Rose Bowl championship."

Leave your own bold or fearless predictions in the comments.