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Top Huskies For 2013 — No. 2: Kasen Williams

The 2011 Parade Player of The Year is very good, and only getting better. How good can he be in 2013?

Otto Greule Jr

From his freshman campaign to his sophomore campaign, Kasen Williams more than doubled his receptions and yards. His 77 catches in 2012 was a better mark than any Washington pass catcher not named Reggie Williams has ever posted. Heading into his junior season, his stated goal is simple: have the best season any UW receiver has ever had. That's not what he said exactly - he's said that he wants 100 catches - but that's what the result would be if achieved his goal.

Could he reach that goal? It's possible, but not likely. With the receivers around him becoming more reliable, it stands to reason that the catches get distributed more evenly than they did in 2012, when Kasen and Austin Seferian-Jenkins combined to catch nearly 56% of Keith Price's completions. It also seems like with the improved depth at running back that Keith Price may not attempt as many passes as he did in 2012. It's an arithmetic problem, and it looks like Kasen simply won't be targeted enough to get triple digit receptions.

But there are some things working in his favor, the first being that he's a complete stud. He'll be the Huskies' first read at WR more often than he won't, and if he continues to improve (he will) then natural improvement alone could push him into the 80-90 catch range. With the implementation of a faster tempo, there should be more plays run by UW's offense over the course of the season, and that will probably mean more balls thrown his way in 2013.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of Kasen Williams' game is not when he runs routes or catches passes, it's what he does after that. He is essentially unable to be brought down by one defender. Safeties generally have no chance. Corners trying to tackle him is a joke. Linebackers can bring him down, but they typically only arrive to him once someone else has slowed him or is hanging off of his back as he's trudging downfield. That's if he allows the defender to touch him:

Kasen Williams is a monster and a freak. He's already among the most talented people to ever play WR at the University of Washington, and is primed for a huge year in 2013.

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