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Fall Camp Assessment: Corners

With Fall Camp wrapping up, we're taking a look at each position group; next up, the corners.

So. CB Marcus Peters hopes to celebrate a lot more picks in '13
So. CB Marcus Peters hopes to celebrate a lot more picks in '13
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Cornerback was a position of strength for the Huskies in 2012 as they leaned heavily on Desmond Trufant to lock up one side of the field and RS-Fr Marcus Peters emerged on the other side as a starter and showed a lot of ability. With Trufant graduated, how does this position look as the Huskies wrap up Fall Camp and turn their focus to Boise State?

Projected Starters:

Marcus Peters, RS-So; Greg Ducre, Sr.


Cleveland Wallace, RS-Fr; Travell Dixon, RS-Jr; Jermaine Kelly, Fr


Peters is being counted on to be the leader of this group. While it's probably unfair to expect he can match the play of Trufant, he's in his 3rd year in the program and has the physical tools to be a high-level player. He's shown a knack for big plays, and the next step is providing consistency to where the staff can count on him to contain the opponent's best WR. Ducre is one of (if not the) fastest guys on the team, but it has taken a while for him to gain the confidence he needs to earn a starting spot. As a 4th year guy, this is his time to show his skills. He has so far held off challenges from Wallace, Dixon and Kelly, but will have to continue to prove himself as those guys all bring a lot of talent to the table.

The backups are inexperienced and (mostly) young, but possess significant physical potential. Wallace is a smaller guy, but has impressed coaches since he arrived on campus and should see the field in nickel and dime situations. Dixon came in with a lot of buzz being as how he had originally committed to Alabama, but he's struggled with inconsistency. If he can settle himself in and feel more comfortable with the playbook, he's got the size this staff likes to match up with the bigger receivers in the conference. Kelly was a late-riser up recruiting boards, but by the time he signed, he was considered by some as one of (if not the) best corners in California. He possesses perhaps the most athleticism of any corner on the roster, and given the depth situation it's likely that he will see action.

The wildcard(s) with this position are Tre Watson and Brandon Beaver - both have played corner in this system but are currently running with the safeties. Heyward is willing to be somewhat interchangeable with his DB's (he coaches both corners and safeties), and if the staff really wants to redshirt Kelly they may feel that Watson and Beaver provide some emergency depth.

The other corner in this recruiting class was Patrick Enewally. He too possesses the size that this staff covets, and there was some thought he might be targeted for safety, but has taken reps with the corners. While he's flashed at times, it's likely he'll get the benefit of a redshirt year. Kevin King was thought to be targeted for corner, but has seen most of his action with the safeties so far; he too seems very likely to redshirt.

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