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Fall Camp Assessments: Quarterbacks

With Fall Camp wrapping up, we take a look at the status of each of the position groups heading into Boise State - up next, the quarterbacks.

Sr. QB Keith Price looks to recapture his 2011 form
Sr. QB Keith Price looks to recapture his 2011 form
Stephen Dunn

Projected Depth Chart:

Keith Price, Sr.

Cyler Miles, RFr

Jeff Lindquist, RFr

Troy Williams, Fr.


Perhaps the position with the least amount of surprises this year is quarterback.  Keith Price is entering his 3rd year as a starter and is firmly entrenched as the first string QB.  Injuries aside, I would not expect any of the younger quarterbacks to enter a game, unless it's mop up duty.  Even in those situations, Sarkisian has shown a preference to sticking with his starter.  But, if another QB were to enter the game, based on fall camp performances so far, it would be redshirt freshman Cyler Miles.

While he has shown to have the weakest arm of the all scholarship QBs (freshman Troy Williams, surprisingly has shown to have the strongest) he makes up for it with his timing and route anticipation.  He has really separated himself from the rest of the backups with his play in camp thus far.  Aside from his improving arm, he's also a big threat running the ball.  He was ranked as one of the top dual threat quarterbacks coming out of Denver's Mullen High School a few years ago.  The best part about Miles' game is that he's a gamer; when the lights are on, he finds ways to move the chains and make plays.

Lindquist has had his moments as well, but like most young quarterbacks, he is still learning and is clearly the third option behind Price and Miles.  He, like Miles, also offers a threat of running the ball.  Lastly, there is Troy Williams.  Reports out of camp are that the ball really jumps out of his hand and that he throws a beautiful spiral, with a lot of velocity.  He also can extend plays with his feet, but ultimately prefers to keep his eyes down field and find the open man.  The two-time LA City Section player of the year will battle it out next year for the starting QB spot alongside Miles and Lindquist.

So, back to Keith Price.  His 2011 vs. 2012 form has been discussed quite thoroughly, and we ultimately won't know his form until he plays against a quality opponent.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) we'll see in Week 1 against a strong Boise St. team just how much he's bounced back.  By all accounts he's had a very strong camp, and in thinking about it, I can't seem to remember him ever not having a strong spring/fall camp.

There's every reason to believe he'll have a 2011 type of year.  In 2011, he had a less than dominant offensive line (but they gave him just enough time), a few receivers that could get open (Kearse, Aguilar, ASJ, and James Johnson when healthy), and a running back to keep defenses honest.  This season, he has that and more.  The offensive line I believe will be better than the 2011 line.  The receivers are more explosive this year, and have more depth.  And he's got Bishop Sankey, an all-conference running back.  With Kasen Williams, ASJ, Jaydon Mickens, DiAndre Cambell, John Ross, and Kendly Taylor (I think these are the top 6 on team) to throw to, Sankey to hand off to, and Ben Riva protecting his blind side, we will all see the Keith Price we fell in love with 2 years ago.

One last note: he's only one touchdown away from setting the career record for TD passes in Washington history!

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