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Top Huskies For 2013 — No. 4: Austin Seferian-Jenkins

The best tight end in the country, Austin Seferian-Jenkins will be a key for UW's offense in 2013.


Blind item: compare these numbers and decide which you think is best.

PLAYER A: 50 catches, 685 yards (13.7 per catch) 4 touchdowns

PLAYER B: 69 catches, 898 yards (13 per catch) 6 touchdowns

PLAYER C: 69 catches, 852 yards (12.3 per catch) 7 touchdowns

These are the numbers for the three finalists for the Mackey Award in 2012. Without knowing which player is which or who played for which school, you can immediately eliminate Player A. His numbers weren't up to snuff with the other two. Then for players B and C, flip a coin. If you want to go with team success as the tiebreaker, sure, or use the "eye test", you can't really go wrong with either.

Of course, the national media completely shit the bed on this one. Player A was Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert, who ended up winning the Mackey (because of course). Player B was Stanford's Zach Ertz, and Player C was Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

This is not to complain about ASJ not winning hardware, rather to show that for the second straight year the Huskies will field the best tight end in the country - regardless of what voters who don't watch Pac-12 football think.

When he's healthy he's unguardable. When he's injured, well, he's still pretty much unguardable; you may remember his performance against Cal when he grabbed 8 catches for 154 yards and a touchdown on one leg. Through just two seasons at a school with a long tradition of talented tight ends, Austin Seferian Jenkins has put them all to shame. The record book has been lit aflame, and the numbers he ends his career with may never be touched. He's already amassed 110 catches, 1388 yards and 13 touchdowns. With a healthy junior campaign, he could come close to doubling those numbers.

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