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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Huskies on a Boat Edition)

Days off are good days for boats... and for Dots.

Otto Greule Jr
The unnatural mephitis and the pallid state of the trees hinted at a plague long since expired.  This place had been forgotten. It was perfect for Dots.

Sunday is an off day for the football team as the recuperate from their first week of camp.  To celebrate the day off, Coach Sark has a special event planned.

While Sark is attending to his players, expect the coaching staff to be poring over practice tape.  Next week, we should be seeing a firming up of the two-deeps as coaches get comfortable with the information being accumulated on the players in each position grouping. Until then, here are some Dots.

Rumor Dots

I thought I would capture some of the buzz that I've been picking up from various camp reports and radio interviews in the form of rumor dots. Think of these as a complement to the linked reports that Kevin Cacabelos captured yesterday.  All of these Dots come from something I heard or read from people around the program who are buzzing about camp through their own outlets.  None of this is first-hand and it should not be viewed as "reporting".  Feel free to dispute or add to these rumors in the comments below.

  • Marcus Peters, already a bit on the extroverted side, has been fine-tuning the art of trash-talking as he prepares for the season.

  • Peters has been a little bit limited after getting tied up with DiAndre Campbell.

  • Buzz is that Damore'ea Stringfellow has been demonstrating his physical skills but hasn't adopted the level of intensity in practice that the coaches are looking for.

  • John Ross has been quite the opposite and has "starred" in several of the practices from last week.  Coaches and fellow players are raving about his physical speed and his mental engagement.

  • Princeton Fuimaono, now a fully healthy senior, is not taking kindly to being excluded from the hype around the linebacking corps and is preparing to be the first backup for every LB position.  How nice is it to have senior depth?

  • Fui lit up Dwayne Washington in practice the other day resulting in the redshirt Frosh getting a few extra days off in order to fully assess his head injury.

  • The OL has been gelling nicely with Sark referring to "four of the five guys" being "nasty".  The return of "Panda" Colin Tanagawa to the unit appears to be a major add to the continuity and closeness of the group.

  • Mike Criste is impressing everybody at Center.

  • The coaches are timing the gap between snaps during practice.  Not surprising, Keith Price is the fastest of the bunch getting the second snap off between 9 and 15 seconds after the end of the previous play.

  • Speaking of Price, his level of intensity is at an all-time high as the buzz is that he's been aggressively holding teammates accountable both on and off the field.

  • Despite not having the biggest of arms, Cyler Miles is now clearly separated as the backup QB.

  • All Husky incoming Frosh have cleared the NCAA clearinghouse. 

  • Expect to see Jaydon Mickens and John Ross both get reps in the offensive backfield as Sark and Keisau implement some twists in their new up-tempo scheme.  Having them both on the field at the same time during the season is a distinct possibility.

  • DiAndre Campbell is still the clear #2 through the first week of camp. 

  • Kevin Smith appears to be back to full speed and is opening eyes.

  • ASJ apparently has been all-business during team workouts and is setting the tone in the locker room.

  • Greg Ducre is going hard after a starting CB job and doesn't appear to be letting up.

  • DC Justin Wilcox has implemented a change with his outside linebackers.  He will no longer have Shaq Thompson and Travis Feeney swap sides depending on how the offense lines up.  Both will learn the strong side/weak side positions and stay at home on every play.  The idea is to take advantage of their versatility and to speed up the defense against high-tempo offenses.

  • Shaq is clearly the name that is circulating in the national media as one of the two or three P12 players to watch as a breakout.  He and Nelson Algohor are the names I keep hearing come up in talk radio here in a SEC-centric part of the country.

  • Cameron Van Winkle has been showing off his big leg, but Travis Coons continues to lead as the Huskies field goal kicker.

  • Sarkisian is taking a page out of Chip Kelly's playbook and has committed to maxing out the reps of incoming freshman in a way that no UW coach ever has in a fall camp.

Keep in mind that these are rumors in the purest sense that have been compiled out of What else?  What are you guys hearing?

Link Dots

Question of the Day

One aspect of the team that is refreshing for us all is the idea that depth is now popping up all over the roster.  Not just in terms of bodies, but also in terms of guys who have on-the-field experience.  Whether you are talking about Fuiaomono and Thomas Tutogi giving us depth at LB ... or Jesse Callier, Kendyl Taylor, Washington and Deontae Cooper giving us depth at WR ... or the young QB foursome ... or the eight guys (yes, 8!) with starting experience on the O-Line ... there is experienced depth in places that we just aren't accustomed.  What do you think is the deepest position group on the team?