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Dot...Dot...Dawg (7/7)

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While traveling the world, of course I have a few minutes for some Dots.

Is year 5 going to be Sark's defining season?
Is year 5 going to be Sark's defining season?
Stephen Dunn

First, apologies for my fits and starts on the blog. I've been heavily engaged in my second job - you know, the one that actually pays my bills. Second, suck it, Oregon. No reason.

Question of the Day

Sark said it: This is the best team he's had in five years. While questions about the capability of the O-Line, the skills of the pass rushers and the injuries associated with many key contributors remain, it certainly feels like that this can be one of the best seasons that we've seen since the Rose Bowl run under Neuheisel. Given Sark's statements and the sentiment among the fan base, is this a deliver or go-home season for Sark? If so, what are the baseline expectations that he has to hit to justify a sixth season?