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Steve Sarkisian At Media Day Part 2

We learn how Sark sees this offseason as different from offseasons past, how Keith Price is different, and what his thoughts are on the Pac-12's new safety rules.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

On how this offseason has been different from the past couple:

"I think for me and for the players, I think we have a real chip on our shoulder, and I don't mind it, I kind of like it. There's a little bit of an edge going on right now on our football team. I think it's a good thing. I think they're hungry, I think they want to get back to work and prove that we're better than our record showed last year, because we think we're better than that, but unfortunately we were 7-6. And it doesn't matter what we think, it's the one stat that [matters] is the wins and losses. So I think our guys have a chip on their shoulder, they're eager and hungry and ready to go out to work and compete and play that first game on August 31st."

On the process through to the fifth year and the path getting there and going forward:

"I don't know, I love coaching college football. I love our guys. I love the University of Washington. It has been an awesome four years up to this point, sure there's been moments we'd love to have back, games we'd love to have back. There's also been some special ones that I wouldn't trade for the world, you know. For us to find some of that consistency as a team to enjoy some of those really good moments is what's key. For that to really happen we have to go on the road and win. We've been 11-2 at home over the last two seasons, . The real issue for us to continue to improve as a program is to maintain that at home and keep that edge that we have at home, but how do we bottle up that energy, that enthusiasm, that execution, that fight, that want-to and take it on the road with us and play that way at Oregon State. And play that way at Stanford. And play that way at UCLA. And play that way at Arizona State. And play that way at Soldier Field. That to me is what's going to be key, so if that makes me a better coach or not, that's not for me to answer. I just want to put these guys, our players, in the best position to be successful so that they can go out and perform and enjoy college football, because it's a great game and a great game to be part of."

On Keith Price coming into this season:

"It's been unique. I think he's been great about it. He's laser focused on winning. He wants to win, and I think our team is [focused]. I think there's all this other stuff they could be focused on: the end of last season, the off the field stuff, a variety of things. To our team's credit, to our coaches' credit, we're focused on winning. We want to win. There's nothing wrong about feeling that way and I think he feels the same way. If you look back to 2011 he had to beat out Nick Montana and there was a lot of pressure to win that job. And then it was "how is he going to replace Jake Locker? This guy's a first round NFL draft pick." Well he did a pretty good job of doing that. Then it was OK, now you've got to face RGIII , the Heisman Trophy winner, and he sure went out and played great in that game. And then whether it was me, whether it was him, whether it was our community in general, maybe we did come out of that Baylor game feeling a bit too good about ourselves. And maybe we weren't as laser focused on winning the way we needed to be. I think we're back to that, and I think he's back to that. He's a really competitive guy, he's a 5th year senior, the majority of the guys that he came in with in that class have graduated and moved on and I don't think it's about being buddy buddy with everybody and having everybody like him. I think it's about "this is my team, I'm gonna lead you, follow me and let's go."

On the Pac-12's safety changes:

"They don't affect us too much because even on the days when we have double day practices, they weren't both full contact anyway. When we're in season we've never gone over two days a week of live tackling, so I think they're good rules. I would like to think that all 12 coaches in our conference are thinking of our players' safety first in everything that we do whether it's in season or out of season. I think it's a positive thing for the Pac-12 to step up and take initiative on this, because it's important."