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Dot...Dot...Dawg (7/19)

Don't let these Dots go to waste. It's on you.

Not award worthy?  You tell me.
Not award worthy? You tell me.
Otto Greule Jr
  • Ted Miller makes an argument that the Huskies LB crew, including John Timu, Shaq Thompson, Travis Feeney and Josh Shirley, belong in the conversation with UCLA and Stanford as being the best unit in the Pac12.

  • We've been debating the proper punishment for ASJ in the blog over the past week. Others in the media are also weighing in. Ted Miller discusses how difficult a determination it really is for Sark. In another point of view, Aaron Levine builds the case for Lear Pilot and demands a one-game suspension for ASJ (and for Kasen Williams, for that matter)

  • 247 Sports has a nice little series going counting down the "Washington 22". Up next is a quick little read on a player that we haven't discussed much, but who we are all hoping will have a big impact in 2013 - Jesse Callier.

  • Awards watch lists are coming out. It is a statement to the overall grooming of the talent in Sark's fifth year that is resulting in Huskies beginning to percolate on these lists. Such recognition only comes when individual performances are noteworthy and the capabilities of teammates are such that they support the overall accomplishment of the individuals recognized. While we can debate individual positions like Tackle and Defensive Tackle, it is hard to argue against the notion that the Huskies finally have depth and talent across the multitude of position groups on their team. As that depth grows, so will the recognition opportunities for individual players.

    Doak Walker Watch List: Bishop Sankey

    Ronnie Lott Trophy Watch List (from last spring): Danny Shelton, John Timu

    John Mackey Watch List: Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    Davey O'Brien Watch List: Keith Price

  • In one of the more surprising developments, Kasen Williams was excluded from the Belitnikoff Award watch list in favor of other P12 receivers like Josh Huff, Nelson Agholor, Shaq Evans and Chris Harper. Not to take away from any of those other excellent receivers, but that's absurd. It is not unusual for good players to sometimes get overlooked. As I recall it, Marqise Lee was initially excluded from last year's watch list.

  • The exclusion of Shaq Thompson from the Lombardi and the Butkus lists is also a bit surprising, but a little more understandable given his relative youth. Shelton's absence from the Lomardi watch list is a bit disappointing.

  • chimes in on the five best Husky RB's in history in order. This is sure to spark some debate.

  • EA, who has been an excellent sponsor for us here at the Dawg Pound, has ended up in the news and earned a Dot thanks to their ongoing dispute with a group of plaintiffs headlined by Ed O'Bannon, the former UCLA Basketball player. In the latest development, the NCAA will not longer have its logo, name or trademarks associated with the popular EA game, NCAA Football.

  • Crew fanatics need to check out Gregg Bell's latest "Unleashed" piece over at In it, he builds the argument for UW having the most accomplished crew program of any college in history. Think "Chariots of Fire with oars". Great read.

  • Is Chris Polk going to have a shot to stick with Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles? His odds are looking more and more bleak by the day.

  • On the flip side, ESPN thinks that Desmond Trufant is a bona fide candidate for the NFL Defensive ROY.

  • For the hoops addicts out there, the Toronto Sun catches up with Terrence Ross as he prepare for next season with his teammates in Las Vegas. A key area of development? His Defence. With a "c".

  • One last thing - if you have an hour to kill on the treadmill or in the car, take a listen to the podcast that I did with Matt Dadd over at ATQ. It was a pretty good discussion about all things Husky football and resulted in some unusually complimentary comments uttered from our Duck brothers' mouths. You can also listen here:

  • Question of the Day

    Media day is just around the corner for the Pac 12. Our own Anthony Cassino will be covering the event for the UW Dawg Pound. The question of the day is pretty simple, what recommendations do you have for the Cassino to optimize his coverage of the event on your behalf? Think creatively. We are open to all sorts of ideas.


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