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Football Recruiting Q&A with Brandon Huffman

Talking Husky football recruiting with's Brandon Huffman

RB Joe Mixon, a top Husky recruiting target
RB Joe Mixon, a top Husky recruiting target
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While Signing Day 2014 is still several months away, recruiting season never really stops as a recent flurry of Husky football commits reminds us. I had the opportunity recently to check in with Brandon Huffman of and talk Husky recruiting. Brandon is a National Recruiting Analyst and the West Regional Manager for Fox, and is one of the foremost authorities on recruiting on the West Coast. Here's what he had to say:

UWDP: Washington has had recent flurry of commitments, including WR Erik Brown and DB Jonathan Lockett. Can you talk a little bit about the commits currently in the fold for the Huskies - any favorites in the bunch? Any guys you think have flown under the radar a bit and have a shot to be the next Mason Foster?

Brandon Huffman: I'm a big fan of Erik Brown- he's looked great at every event I've been to this spring and summer that he worked out at, and he just needed a chance to show what he could do catching the ball since his prep team was so focused on the run. I've also been a fan of Rahshead Johnson since I saw him first in the spring of 2012 on the 7on7 circuit. I don't know that I'd say any of UW's commits have flown under the radar, but I've been really high on Drew Lewis all spring since I saw him workout earlier in the spring and then saw him look good at the NW Elite and thought it would just be a matter of time before the Huskies offered - especially since they were instructing at the camp.

UWDP: It's no secret that the Huskies are looking for some legit OT prospects in this class. Which targets do you think Washington has a good shot at signing?

BH: I'd say they have their best shot at Layth Friekh and Andrew Mike from out-of-state and Kaleb McGary from in-state. McGary has talked about playing DE or TE in college, but I think he's an OT all the way, and where we have him ranked, and he's just scratching the surface of how good he can be.

UWDP: Sark has had pretty good success recruiting skill players, and this year he has his sights still set on top prospects like RB Joe Mixon, DB Budda Baker, DB John Plattenburg, RB Demario Richard and WR Michiah Quick. How do you rate Sark's chances of landing any of these high-level recruits?

BH: I think they have a decent chance with Mixon, given his relationship with Darrell Daniels, but I also know he's wide open at this point, and Cal will be tough from a local standpoint plus all the national programs. With Baker, they always have the hometown advantage there, and you can't count Washington out, even though no one can really say for certain where he's leaning. With Plattenburg, I liked their chances better a couple weeks ago then I do now, especially since he didn't commit at The Opening like he was planning to. With him moving back to Texas, and with some of his teammates heavily recruited by Baylor or committed there, now that he's back home, I think the pull to stay in-state will be greater. On Richard, I know Washington and Arizona State are even, and I still think that's the case. With Quick, I think he's the longest shot of this group right now.

Thanks to Brandon for taking the time to chat with us.