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Dot...Dot...Dawg (7/16)

Husky athletics across the world wide web.

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Mid-week dots...

  • Adam Jude says deciding punishment for tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins is not a "tough call" at all. A one-game suspension is standard – and is a norm head coach Steve Sarkisian should follow. ASJ will spend one-day in jail on July 31st. What does one do in one day in jail?
  • college football bloggers Brian Bennett and Kevin Gemmell preview and predict the Big-Ten and Pac-12 matchups this coming season. Both are leaning towards a Washington win over Illinois despite the team's struggles on the road in the Sarkisian era.
  • Washington isn't a dream school for college football recruits according to this survey.
  • Pac-12 Digital released a beta version of a site re-design. You can check it out here and give the conference your feedback.

Question of the Day

If you've listened to sports radio or seen a Metro bus in Seattle, you might have noticed the Husky football campaign centered around the mantra, "Are you committed?" With this said, and to get you even more antsy for the coming football season, where will you be sitting in the new Husky stadium? Did your season tickets stay in the relatively same position? If you're a student, do you like the new relocated section in the "closed" end zone? If you're an out-of-town fan, what's your set-up like? How are you committed to Husky football during the season?