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Dot...Dot...Dawg (No-hit Edition)

Dot...Dot...Dawg (7/14)

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A no-no for a Husky Legend.
A no-no for a Husky Legend.

    Before we get to the Dots, I'd like to bring some attention to some great Fanposts/Fanshots that have been posted by your fellow blog members over the past few days. Fanposts are a great way for members to contribute their own content and to enhance the quality of the environment we are building here at the Dawgpound. I am committed to getting as much attention to Fanposts as possible by placing as many as possible into the main body of our front page. I will also link to them in Dots as they come up. Some great posts from your colleagues that absolutely need some attention include the following:

    1. DJohnson opines on the true motivations behind Nick Saban's requests to "slow down" the proliferation of spread offenses around the NCAA

    2. Stadium Guru, Lear Pilot, documents the "lighting up" of Husky Stadium - pictures and all

    3. MikeLisle asks this question: If you only had 11 all-time football players to choose from, who would comprise your "Ultimate Team Washington"?

    4. DJohnson checks in again, this time with a look at an idea that could save football from itself.

    5. Finally, there is this - a great hype video for the UW / Boise St game put together by Bronco fan, Drewyn Vachal

    Let's keep the Fanposts and Fanshots going. I'll keep linking them and promoting them.


    Question of the Day

    With the season nearly upon us and news starting to percolate in the form of coverage, projections and opinions, a plethora of new topics to write on are coming to light. What topics would you like to see us cover through our normal editorial activities or via other fans through Fanposts / Fanshots?