Embrace this, it may save football

There's been a lot of noise in recent years about injuries - especially head injuries - in football. The NFL is facing a lawsuit, and college football has begun making rule-changes to protect players. It isn't a reach to suggest that football itself is at-risk -- you can imagine a future in which legislative meddling or even public outrage substantially affect the game we love so much.

Here is one possible way for football to save itself. Chris Peterson at Boise State is apparently teaching his players some rugby tackling techniques. Rugby players wear no protective gear, so the incentive is for players to protect themselves with technique. They sort of tilt their head out of the way and focus more on wrapping up, I believe.

I know, I know, this isn't football. It isn't the game we've come to love -- with hard-hitting and audible collisions. But if it's a choice between tinkering around the edges versus an existential risk to the game, I say tinker away.